We solve your security problems

High-capacity security services from a family owned business

We Pick Up The Phone

Unlike other security services, we actually pick up the phone or call you back within a reasonable time frame. With us, you can speak with an actual human being! 

We Own It, We Fix It

No excuses, just results. We will do whatever it takes to make our customers feel heard, valued and safe. 

Family Legacy

Family is everything to us. Our family was built on integrity, hard work, loyalty, respect, and love for people. We want to extend those family values to all of our customers and employees. 

Security Guard Services

Champion National Security, headquartered in Dallas, TX, is the largest privately held uniformed security guard services provider in Texas and one of the largest in the nation. Our humble beginnings, advanced technology and quality of service sets us apart from the rest. We’re striving to make lives better by keeping people safe, protecting valuable assets, and providing great jobs.
Let's find you the security guard detail of your dreams! Champion national security, inc. Is one of the largest and highest quality security guard service firms in the nation. Our client-first approach and advanced management structure ensures that we will find the perfect security guard solution for your needs. Give us a call- we would love to chat about how we can help.
1 (800) 807-9844

Bring us your biggest security challenges

 Bring it on! We thrive on solving security problems for our clients using modern technology driven solutions. 

Our commitment to your safety knows no bounds.

Our Values

People Matter Much

We put people over profits because we believe all people have inherent worth and value. While Champion’s benefits are a work in progress, we’ve taken huge strides in the last few years with our vacation policy, emergency assistance benefit, officer memorial fund, and more. We are fighting to bring on better business with clients who understand employment needs and also care for people so that we can take even better care of our officers through higher pay rates, more consistent schedules, work/life balance, and opportunities to be promoted. 

Service Obsessed 

We have some of the most dedicated, hard-working people here at Champion. Being committed to–even obsessed with–service is how we will continue to grow and be the best security firm in the United States. Everyone who puts in the blood, sweat, and tears needs to know how much we value their efforts. We value that sort of obsession so much that it’s one of our 4 core values. 

Empowering Growth

We want people to be better because of Champion. Whether they make this their long-term career or they’re just passing through, we want everyone to grow personally and professionally and be glad they experienced life at Champion for however long they’re with us. Champion Academy is launching this quarter and all employees will have opportunities to learn more about the industry and our clients. Not only that, we will be building lifestyle courses that touch on things like creating and sticking to a budget, long-term financial planning, how to write a resume, and more. 

Do The Right Thing

We believe in always doing the right thing–even when it’s difficult. We’ll all be faced with decisions day in and day out, and many times the path of least resistance is ultimately not the right path. We want to default to doing the right thing. What is the right thing? It’s caring for people, putting others before ourselves, admitting mistakes and learning from them, being honest ... it’s doing good when no one is looking.

Client Satisfaction

  • Your security team was excellent as they worked with incredible professionalism and the work environment was “SUPER”. I can only tell you that you have a Dream Team!

    Security Coordinator - Orlando, FL

  • I've received more assistance from Champion in 11 days, than all of the previous security providers combined. Very impressed!

    Director of Security, College Campus - Houston, TX

  • We chose Champion National Security as our security company and I can safely say we made the right decision. Our Security Officers conduct themselves in a polite and professional manner at all times. Our associates and visitors are greeted with a smile every time they come into the facility. And our Officers are quick to communicate any issues. The management is friendly and easy to do business with. They are quick to respond when we have unexpected needs. I could not be happier with our champions! I would heartily recommend them to anyone who is seeking the highest level of service from a security company!

    Safety Specialist, Foodservice Distributor - Austin, TX

  • Champion has provided security to our condominiums for over 2 years. Our account manager and I have worked together very closely in that time to address our ever-changing needs. He has always been available, pleasant, understanding, and able to solve our needs effectively, leaving us very satisfied! He has gone out of his way to ensure the best guards for our properties. Our account manager together with Champion as been the winning combination!

    Assistant Property Manager, Condominium Complex - Orlando, FL

  • Champion Security does a great job. Some younger kids snuck in and when he asked them to leave, one of them was very rude and even cussed at the guard. He handled it with professional manner and did his job well. The staff at Champion is top notch!

    Manager, Homeowners Association - Arlington, TX

  • Appreciated the security for the special function. The guards did a good job. We already know Officer Quinton Moses. Officer Moses was helpful when a few supporters showed up and he was able to get them to cooperate and stay out of the building. We liked Officer Michael Roppolo very much, he was very attentive to instructions and to the details and did a good job watching the back. It was cold for both of them to be patrolling outside. Please thank them both.

    Vice President Human Resources, Television Station - Dallas, TX

  • While making rounds today a patient who is discharging and his wife commented how she is very impressed with officer Washington and his professional attitude and caring nature, he always makes sure to walk her to her car and from her car if needed. Thought you may want to recognize him in some way. We appreciate these comments and even though he is not our employee he is part of our family and does a great job and represents us very well. Kudos to officer Washington.

    Director, Facilities Management/Safety, DeSoto, Texas

  • Our staff and leadership team really appreciates how the Champion security team goes above and beyond to help us when we're in a bind as exemplified by Officer Brown. Officer Craig Brown stayed at the parking lot to help [employee] change her tire, and it was greatly appreciated. Many of the guards have done similar gestures in the past – for our staff, physicians, patients, or visitors. The going above and beyond is what makes us [stand out], and we certainly appreciate having vendor partners who share that work ethic.

    CEO & Facilities Director, Large Hospital in Dallas

  • The management team at Champion National Security does an amazing job of handling any customer service requests I have. I manage an upscale high-rise building in downtown Austin so having people I can count on makes all the difference in my job. They are great at last minute requests for staffing needs and are always available when I need anything on an administrative level too.

    Jamie Rix, Plaza Lofts

  • Ken Webb and Champion National Security have been providing us security guard services in the past recent months. He has been a pleasure to work with, bringing his attention to detail genuine caring, and numerous years of experience to every aspect of our yard and operation.

    His ability to identify improvement areas and execute them successfully is excellent, and he has some very innovative ideas especially in the area of safety and investigative work. I can highly recommend him and Champion National without reservation for any security or investigative work you may have available.

    Al Trujillo, Port to Port International Corp.

  • Two years ago we contracted Champion National Security to provide 24/7 patrolling service at a mall in Claymont, DE. From Sr. Management to security guards, the high level of customer service and professionalism is unmatched. Management has adapted to our ever-changing needs without hesitation or interruption of service, calling weekly to our property management team and conducting routine checks of their on-duty security guards to ensure that the service provided continues to meet our expectations. The guards have been an invaluable asset to the overall security of the property, with a customer-focused attitude towards all tenants, patrons and the property management team.

    Kathy Barrett, The Rosen Group - AAR Realty Corporation


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Champion National Security, Inc. is one of the largest and highest quality security guard services firms in the nation. We take great pride in our client-first approach and our advanced management structure that make us the best choice for your security needs
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