June 27, 2016

4th of July Infographic

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Happy 4th of July!

We want to encourage everyone to celebrate the holiday safely. Enjoy the time with your friends and family. Most of America will be getting together over BBQ's and pool parties. We will go to parks and parades. And we will enjoy watching amazing fireworks celebrations!

While it's great time to spend time with your loved ones, large crowds with explosives can be a risk! We put together this small infographic with a few statistics on the Fourth of July, along with some helpful safety tips to ensure everyone has a safe, fun holiday.

See tips on keeping people safe while outside in the yard, at the pool, or near fireworks. See the numbers on how many injuries are actually caused by fireworks every year. Can you guess which fireworks cause most of those injuries?

No matter what you have planned, we've got ways to help you stay safe during the holiday! See our tips below for better safety during common 4th of July celebrations:

  • Having a pool party? Remember to keep an eye on everyone, especially kids. It can be easy for risks to go unnoticed with a large crowd that’s preoccupied with having a good time. Keep floatable devices around (like pool noodles) for quick response if someone needs help in the water.
  • Got a big grill menu planned? 80% of americans attend some sort of picnic or cookout for the holiday. Steaks and burgers are a common inclusion to most fourth of July parties. Just remember to keep the grill away from your home and out from under low hanging branches to prevent an accidental fire. Only use it outdoors and don’t leave it alone!
  • If you live in a hot sunny climate, remember that dehydration and heatstroke are common during pool parties or bbq’s. Keep an eye on guests and make sure everyone has plenty of water.
  • Going to have a big fireworks show? The reason everyone gets together for fourth of july! If you’ve got a big show planned (gotta outdo those neighbors that are always trying to one up you) keep certain safety precautions in mind. Never use fireworks indoors. Make sure children are supervised around them, the young ones are often not aware of how hot they are! Always keep water nearby in case of fire. Pay attention and follow local firework policies. Some cities and neighborhoods don’t allow certain kinds of fireworks, and you’ll get a big fine for being caught using them. According the the NFPA (National Fire Prevention Association) an estimated 17,800 fired are reported every year from fireworks. Even worse, 1,200 of them were structural fires and 400 were vehicle fires. These are expensive accidents to fix so be safe and plan ahead of time!
  • One thing most people forget about fireworks is how the affect your pets. Remember not to take pets to firework shows, and don’t leave them in the car while you enjoy the show. The loud noises hurt their ears and give them anxiety. Keep them safe inside your home. If possible you might want to leave a TV or radio on so bangs aren’t so loud and abrupt.

How do you plan on spending your 4th of July? Does your town have a great parade or fireworks display? We'd love to hear about it! Share the infographic with your thoughts online and tag us to start the conversation!

Keeping communities safe and secure is our passion. It's what we strive for at Champion National Security. Not just on the clock, but every moment.

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