March 5, 2019

5 Reasons Why Adults Are Choosing Security Guard Jobs in 2019

In 2019, more and more adults are choosing security guard jobs in their job hunt prospects. But do you know the reason why?

We’re going to list the 5 big reasons we’ve seen from of security officers in dozens of security guard companies.

We hope this list will help you empathize with security officers in the field you see daily, and maybe even open your eyes to the possibility of security work in the future.

These are the top 5 reasons why people choose security work:

  1. The flexible hours
  2. Works well with second job (Did someone say side hustle?)
  3. Ties in with military or law enforcement goals well
  4. Good career path for those without higher education
  5. Humanitarian Goals (Helping Your Community)

Before we can get into the 5 reasons why, let’s first take a step back and look at the job climate today.

As of January, 2019 - the US Bureau of Labor Statistics report an unemployment rate of 4% - slightly higher than previous reports.

What does that mean?

That means approximately 6.5 million people are without a job.

While a good portion of those folks are due to the recent government shutdown - it shows that there are many folks out there looking for work.

Many of them look to security - as the US Bureau of Labor Statistics also showed over 1 million security job roles available in 2016.

They estimate that number to rise 6% a year (roughly the same level as other industry jobs available).

There were also employement gains in several industries like hospitality, construction, transportation, and warehousing.

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics also report an increase in part time employed persons. (5.1 million individuals in the US). Again many were due to the government shutdown; as folks look for work while they were waiting to rejoin their regular jobs.

So what do all these numbers mean?

They show that there many people out there looking for work - either full time or part time - and many of them are going into industries that give them decent pay and flexible schedules like transportation (Uber drivers!) and warehousing (Amazon night shifts!)

We use these data points to illustrate why many folks choose security work as a temporary or permanent option to their work.

Now that you can see how many folks are choosing security - it’s time to find out the reasons why.

Reason #1: The Flexible Schedule of Security Guard Jobs

Many security guards have needs for flexible schedules that a traditional 8 am to 5pm schedule just does not work for.

Often they have only 1 car per household, which means they need to plan and adjust schedules with everyone else in the household.

According to Census Surveys, there were about 1.8 vehicles available per US household in 2016.

Research went on to suggest that younger families and one person households were far more likely to not own a car.

These data points further identify the need for families and providers to have a job that doesn’t rely on vehicles to be available for the job duties.

These folks appreciate that security guard patrols often are done on foot, or are stationed in one location (like a front desk or CCTV monitoring office).

Many of them begin their search with, “what are the security jobs near me?”

Location is super important to many people - especially if they live in a large metroplex area.

They enjoy that they can rely on public transportation or getting a ride and not having it impede on their performance.

Besides the transportation - what other reasons for a flexible schedule would be enticing for potential employees?

To think of that, you only need to think of the mothers in your life.

Mothers are now the primary or sole source of income for 40% of american households with children under 18 years of age.

Many of the women officers have children that they need to take care of during the day hours.

These women need to be available for their children during the day, as babysitters or daycare is extremely expensive in populus areas.

The percentage of children that are cared for by a relative has remained at a steady 25 - 27% in the last 30 years.

Additionally, low income families with employed mothers are are less likely to be in a center based program than children in families with incomes at least twice the federal poverty level.

This reflects how challenging it can be to provide for your family and afford the costs of daycare for small children.

The allure of night employment is that it is much easier to figure out those logistics details.

82% of parents of young children say having kids affects their interest in finding flexible employment.

“They don’t miss me when I’m gone nights,” says Beth about her 2 children, “When I used to work days, I’d be gone for the hours they notice.”

Reason #2: Security Shift Work Well With Multiple Jobs

In 2019 more and more individuals are working multiple jobs. Inface, a recent survey showed 7.9 million people had multiple jobs in the US market.

They do this for a variety of reasons. Many are looking for ways to bring in additional income for their families. Or perhaps they’re trying to gain experience and further their career.

Millennials, who have been known to prefer more control over their time, often find multiple jobs more appealing due to the control they have.

Add in more ‘gig’ jobs like delivery, ride sharing, and other ‘work as little or often as you’d like’ options - people are loving the control.

Security remains a great option for those people because of the nature of the shifts. Often 4, 8, or 10 hour shifts - workers can pick and choose what works for their current lifestyle.

Additionally, shifts are often available 24/7 - so if you prefer nights, weekends, early morning, or mid-day - you’ve got the ability to find a schedule that fits.

Reason #3: Security Guard Services tie in with Military or Law Enforcement Careers Well

This one seems like a no brainer.

If you are looking to get in or out of the military or law enforcement - it’s a quick easy step to security guard jobs.

Utilizing the same guiding principles and job responsibilities - patrolling, safety, security, diffusing or de-escalating conflict - these industries work hand in hand.

Folks looking to get into law enforcement are often waiting to finish all the necessary requirements before they can get hired.

Many states require a higher education degree to qualify for the police department, and while completing your education you can add to your work experience and make money working in security.

Often security becomes a great option for those leaving military or law enforcement. It’s a great semi retirement option for those looking for a way to continue to use their skills, while not having the full workload.

Security loves to hire veterans as well. These individuals when leaving the military are looking for work and already have the skills and training that lets them excel in the security workforce.

It’s a great option to get started quickly, get up to speed fast, and work while you decide what career you want to pursue.

Reason #4: Security Guard Companies Offer Good Career Paths for Those Without Higher Education

Speaking of career paths - security guard jobs are a great opportunity for people who are looking for options.

Often when you go to college your career path is easily laid out and identified. Want to be a lawyer? Great here the classes to take. Planning on being a Nurse? No problem this is what you’ll do for the next 2 years.

But if you don’t go to college - you’re often wondering what the next steps are. What path do you take?

Security guard jobs can often provide the structure and hierarchy that makes it easy to follow.

You have state and federal license that identify the different levels of experience (and pay) associated with the role. They also identify the clear paths to achieve them (through number of hours worked, certifications achieved, and tests passed.)

Security Guard Services are important to many businesses and residential areas - so they remain a high demand area in the United States.

In addition, security companies like Champion almost always prefer to promote from within.

So going from Officer to Field Supervisor to Manager and more - are clear to see, easy to understand, and attainable for everyone (with hard work and dedication). Security guard jobs are available to folks at any level of experience or education.

It’s comforting to know that you have structure and guidelines to follow that provide you with the direction and goals in your career - even without a college education.

Reason #5: Great for Humanitarians (Helping Better the Community)

The last reason we hear a lot from our officers when asked why they chose security is one of our favorites.

“To protect people”

It’s such a proud feeling to know that there are people out there in the world that have compassion, kindness, and strength and want to spend their time protecting others around them.

Statistics on crime in the United States has been recording for a very long time, and while they show a steady decrease since the 1990s, unfortunately it’s still a very real part of life.

2016 Crime Rates Show that for every 100,000 people there are:

  • 103 robberies
  • 469 burglaries
  • 1,745 thefts

While security work may be dangerous - often times simply having the “visual deterrent” is enough to stop many criminals from committing their acts.

Security officers work hard to provide a safe, secure, professional image to businesses and residential buildings in their area.

It’s proud work and we appreciate that they welcome the job.


We’ve chatted about the 5 biggest reasons our security officers have told us why they went into this industry.

Security guard jobs have the appeal of a flexible schedule and shifts around the clock that work well with folks who have school or family obligations.

They offer structure and a career option for people who are looking for a path - especially those entering or leaving military or law enforcement.

And ultimately - they speak to the heroes in our communities. They provide a skillset and job that allows them to protect those around them. A noble a task that deserves our praise.

What do you think? Do these reasons make sense to you?

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