Committed People. Unrivaled Service. This is the mission that leads every aspect of the company, from the Officer in the field, to the night dispatch team working over schedules, to the executive leadership team that shapes the business to come.

Core Values

  • People Matter Much Believing in worth, value, dignity, and compassion in ourselves and others.
  • Empowering Growth Supporting training, promotion, and guidance. Being better because of Champion.
  • Service Obsessed Providing consistent, reliable, and excellent performance in all duties.
  • Integrity Being honest, ethical, fair, and always taking pride in our work.

Our Approach

The client is always right. Although the age-old retail mantra rings true with Champion National Security, what we value most is, the client always comes first. Unlike other fast-growing security service providers in the nation, we have continued to remain close to our grassroots heritage and a service-oriented business model. Our unique management structure is built with security professionals who have been with the company from the ground, up. They have evolved with the security industry as we have and understand our approach: provide multiple points of contact both local and from corporate and to always stay in touch with clients regularly while providing proactive solutions.

A Little More About Us

We believe in providing the best security services to fit your needs and have done just that since our start over three decades ago. Our CEO & President stood his first security posts at the start of our business and since then, we’ve grown one satisfied client at a time. Those of us who lead Champion National Security have worked through various security positions—we know what it’s like to be the receiver and provider of quality security services. This is why we deliver exactly what you ask for: actual security services. Champion National Security isn’t just about providing the best in technology to help secure your place of work or play, we’re about providing the best people to effectively use that technology. You can expect a trained security professional as part of your tactical security team from Champion National, led by an account manager who stays with you every step of the way. Who knew a national company could be so personable? We blame it on our grassroots growth and want to give you exactly what you’d expect—good, solid security.
Champion National Security - Grassroots Security Guard Services

Giving Back

As part of Champion’s ethical framework we dedicate ourselves to benefit society and the public through the work we perform, our vision, and our values. We feel it is part of our social responsibility to help people and communities that we serve. Read More on the ways Champion National Security Gives Back.