So What’s it Like Working for Champion?

We know that our security officers are our greatest asset. We believe in finding the best talent available in the industry and creating an environment to foster growth and advancement. We want our security officers to feel inspired, encouraged, and rewarded.

We search for talented individuals from all over the country using job search tools like Security Job Finder in order to recruit and retain the best security professionals in the business.

Every quarter we release the Quarterly Officer Report, a magazine dedicated to the hardworking Security Officers at Champion. Read the latest issue here!

Employee Benefits

We work hard to give our security officers the best benefits available. They work hard, represent the company and client positively, and continue to train and cultivate skills that make them the best talent in the industry. We are passionate about rewarding that through competitive packages. Not only do we offer a comprehensive health plan, vacation and overtime pay, as well as career opportunities and advancement; we also constantly strive to recognize, reward, and celebrate our security officers for following our core values. Read more about our Employee Health Benefits. Champion regularly celebrates it’s best and brightest through a variety of ways. We note when our security officers go above and beyond the call of duty in our regular monthly newsletters. We also identify Security Officer of the year winners and nominees with a celebration lunch, plaque, and prize. We offer referral bonuses to our security officers. Additionally, Once a quarter we release a Security Officer Report – where we highlight our proud employees, offer training and assistance on various relevant topics, and highlight contributions to the community.
Employee Benefits while Working For Champion

Training and Professional Development

Training and Development while Working For Champion
Training is one of the most crucial aspects to a thorough security services plan. It is fundamental to the professional growth and development of our security officers. Champion Academy was created to provide a comprehensive ongoing professional development course that includes a combination of classroom, onsite, and online learning tools. These courses are all encompassing and fulfill all the ASIS recommendations established in the Private Security Officer Selection and training Guideline.

Ultimately, we know our security officers have a passion. They work hard and want a career. They want a company that believes in them. Champion helps them achieve all that. If you’re interested in working for champion, check out the open security jobs we have available and apply today!