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Celebrating our Officers in April 2018

Celebrating our exceptional officers of the month!

Join us as we take a moment to talk about some of the amazing Officers we employ and why we awarded them Officer of the Month for April 2018

Hubert Majors, Baltimore

“Officer Majors arrives to work on time every day and has not missed a day of work. He has covered for guards who have called out on multiple shifts. Site managers have mentioned on more than one occasion that Officer Majors is doing a excellent job. I’m proud to have him on my staff.” (Noah Coakley, Branch Manager)

Rachel McAllister, Tulsa

“Rachel is an excellent officer who is friendly with guests, excellent with the client and diligent in her job duties. She covers any shifts we ask and has an excellent relationship with all officers on her post.” (Michael Lundsford, Branch Manager)

Vanessa Murray, Raleigh

“Vanessa has came in several times and helped me cover open shifts. On a regular basis she works extra shifts to make sure everything is covered. Mrs. Murray is always here and does her job very well. All staff like Vanessa and her work ethic.” (Dewey Howell, Operations)

Petrice Fedelus, Orlando

“Officer Fedelus continues to show support for his fellow officers, fills in extra for open shifts, and shows much respect for our client. We only hear good things about this officer and how well he does his job.” (Sharon Black, Operations)