March 25, 2019

Celebrating our Officers in Spring of 2019

Celebrating our exceptional security officers this Spring!

Join us as we take a moment to talk about some of the amazing Officers we employ and why we awarded them Officer of the Month during the Spring of 2019.

Samantha Henson, Dallas TX
"Officer Henson displays great leadership skills and work ethic. I'm so happy to have her as one of my employees!”
(Jasmin Wyatt, Operations)
Security Officer Henson
Security Officer Gallo
Anthony Gallo, Raleigh NC
“Officer Gallo has stepped up and really carried the North Carolina team in every way possible. He ensures all files are completed; he assists with orientations; interacts well with all employees; and is a great trainer for officers. I'm grateful to have him!”
(Joe Cagle, Operations)
Patrick Bagby, Tulsa OK
"Officer Bagby is always dressed & pressed, on time, and ready to work. He is dependable, trustworthy, and volunteers to cover vacant shifts. He exhibits the skills and attitude necessary to be an honored Officer of the Month!"
(Stephanie Albright, Operations)
Security Officer Bagby
Security Officer Lee
Kimberly Lee, Raleigh NC
"Officer Lee has gone above and beyond to cover shifts at last minute and has even traveled out of town to cover! She does an excellent job taking care of both the officers and the clients." (Dewey Howell, Operations)
Noreen Allen, Tulsa OK
"Officer Allen is consistently on time and ready for work. She is extremely reliable and hard working. She's never required reminders, coaching, or counseling either!"
(Stephanie Albright, Operations)
Terry Hubbard, Indianapolis
"Officer Hubbard has been an incredibly reliable officer and has received numerous compliments from our client. Terry exhibits the true meaning of being a Champion!"
(Garrett Cizek, Operations)
Roger Craig, Denver CO
"Officer Craig is an amazing employee and represents Champion proudly!"
(Whitney Small, Operations)

Heather McMillian, St. Louis
"Officer McMillian has done an incredible job managing our new account. Through snowstorms and call offs - she showed her true leadership abilities in a stressful time."
(Garrett Cizek, Operations)
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