December 10, 2018

Celebrating Our Officers in Winter of 2018

Celebrating our exceptional officers this Winter!

Join us as we take a moment to talk about some of the amazing Officers we employ and why we awarded them Officer of the Month during the Winter of 2018

Zahid Qureshi, Arlington, TX

"Officer Qureshi has proven himself to be reliable on any post he is placed at. He is an outstanding guard that follows any and all directions. I'm always pleased with his performance on duty!”

(Hayley Medlen, Operations)

Gerald Cooper, Memphis, TN

"Officer Cooper is kind and considerate to all visitors on his post. We recently had someone who was in a emergency situation and with the help of Officer Cooper and metro police they were able to get her the help she needed.”

(Natasha Udell, Operations)

Anthony Razmjookhah, Arlington, TX

“Anthony has helped fill numerous shifts, he has worked doubles to help us make sure posts do not go down. He shows dedication to his peformance and the company, and we are proud to have him!”

(Hayley Medlin, Operations)

Tiffany Hall, Houston, TX

“Security Officer Tiffany Hall has trained, motivated, helped her fellow co- workers and those she is responsible for. She is very proactive and has that "Take Charge" attitude. Officer Hall is well known and liked by all.”

(Amando Garcia, Operations)

Timmy Bryant, Indianapolis, IN

"Officer Bryant was chosen for employee of the month for his stellar work ethic and his ongoing work to see that not only himself succeeds the other officers around him at his post. Officer Brian does not have a history of call-offs or issues with showing up on time at his shift he performs his duties admirably and has received several client compliments.”

(Garrett Cizek, Midwest Regional Director)

Andrey Stukalov, St. Louis, MO

"Officer Stukalov has been a rock in October going over and beyond the call of duty to cover open shifts while still doing his duties as Field Service Manager. Officer Stukalov has stepped up to the challenge and has helped us immensely due to his dedication to Champion. Andrey's work ethic is very much appreciated here in St. Louis!”

(Garrett Cizek, Midwest Regional Director)

Officer Wendall Julian, Cleveland, OH

“Officer Julian is always professional on post, on time, and is willing to pick up shifts on short notice. Wendall has been a big help in covering anything we ask of him. The Ohio office appreciates Officer Julian being a great team player. Clients and employees feel safe with Officer Julian working their stores!”

(Garrett Cizek, Midwest Regional Director)

Dante Heard, Denver, CO

“Officer Heard is an outstanding employee. Always going above and beyond what is expected of a Champion National Security Security Offcer. I'm so grateful to have him on my team!”

(Whitney Small, Operations)

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