February 8, 2018

Champion Prioritizes Sustainability Practices

Champion National Security cares about the environment. Together as a company, we have enacted our own sustainability practices through green initiatives, and work toward those objectives to reduce our carbon footprint where possible. Recently, we realized significant progress toward our goals! Almost all our officers now prepare paperless reports in C-Track, just one of the many green changes made which would align with La Palmera’s desire to select a sustainable provider. We also similarly prequalify our suppliers based on their sustainability efforts to promote mindful choices when selecting our vendors.

Our green initatives and goals are based on recognizing that businesses can have a damagine effect on the environment. We are committed to limiting our impact on our environment through responsible operating practices. We as a security service provider, understand our environmental impact is from our core physical operations. This impact is restricted largely in part to the resources we consume to run our offices and patrol divisions.

Some of our green changes include:

  • GOING PAPERLESS. We utlize cloud bases systems to collaborate and report with accuracy, time sensetivity, and without paper.
  • OFFICE CHANGES. Even small changes in our offices make a difference. So we install energy efficient lights, allow telecomuting, and promote recycling.
  • TRAVEL CHANGES. We make use of instant messaging, video/audio conference calls, telephones, and emails to reduce the amount of travel needed.
  • VEHICLES. We make sure to use fuel efficient vehicles for staff and post needs.
  • SUPPLIES. Our office supplies are thoughtfully p0urchased and we select recycled or post consumer waste materials when available.
  • CLEANING. Our offices are cleaned by green janitorial services that use only natural, toxic free products.
  • WASTE. We conduct waste audits periodically to ensure disposal and recycling options are evaluated and implemented.

Our core concern for sustainability and these initiatves are to positively impact our environment and personal communities.

We strive to be a champion to the environment!

Champion National Security
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