February 3, 2016

3 Secrets to Finding and Keeping the Best Employees

 Treat employees like partners and they’ll act like partners.

For any business to grow revenue, it needs to continue to provide value. Whether it’s goods or services, that value can grow with your employees. They are your ambassadors, they see and communicate with your customers and clients, and they set the reputation that your business receives in the world. So making sure you have and are keeping the best employees that love the company and continue to raise the bar will set you apart from your competitors.

So how do you make sure you have the best employees you can?

As you gather employees to grow your business, their success should be a priority to you because it inturn means your success. By investing in your employees, they will invest in the company.

So how do you do that?

Statistics show now that employees value how you treat them even more than how much you pay them. So what are the factors in keeping employees happy besides money?

Pride in their work, Respect for their work, Flexibility at work, and opportunities for growth and development. So we’ve got 3 secret ways to bring in and keep your best employees.

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Improve the company culture.

Two of the big factors in keeping employees happy are related to company culture. They are having respect for their work and having pride in their work. When employees feel respected for their contribution and take pride in their involvement, they feel more connected to the company and invested in its success.

Try to think of different ways to show respect for an employee's contribution, and in turn allow them to show their pride for their work. Each work environment is going to be different and sometimes the best way to find what works for your employees is to ask them.

For example, the nonprofit organization HR Council lists many different ways of providing informal recognition for employees. One opportunity is to publicly acknowledge staff’s accomplishments in company meetings, or email newsletters.

The next time you have a company meeting to discuss a successful project, point out some contributing factors each employee provided. Let them know they were an integral part of that success and you value their involvement.

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Improve the company benefits.

It may be hard to improve company benefits. It can be very costly or difficult with multiple buy ins from the higher ups. However job flexibility has been shown to be a top area that an employee measures happiness.

Think about your current culture and how flexible the shifts are, how easy or difficult it becomes when an emergency pops up, or how hesitant workers are to ask for a time off request. Can you offer flexible time? The ability to work from home? For employees with a difficult commute or small children, these small culture changes have a big impact on their happiness factor in a job environment.

For example, Workplaceflexibility offers different flexibility solutions to offer employees. One opportunity is to work with employees to offer shift and break options that provide the ability for work/life sensitivity.

If you can’t provide the flexibility of shift times or lunches due to a rigid customer service environment - For example, say someone needs to be at the front desk to greet guests at all open times, or at a cash register to check out customers - then try to employee a more friendly team environment. Have an open door policy where employees feel comfortable going to you with issues or requests. Maybe have a team channel or board where employees can easily trade shifts or communicate with each other for help and assistance.

Employees at a Meeting

Support Employees Growth.

Survey after survey shows that employees want a job that has purpose for them and to master it. Being a coach or mentor to them can help them achieve that. You need to believe in their potential and want them to succeed.

The best way to promote growth is to invest in their success as much as they do. Learn and share about different growth opportunities for them, from online classes to workshops they can attend, or even just books they can read to continue to strengthen their skills.

A great opportunity to support employee growth is at an annual review. Take this time to discuss the goals of the employee and identify some tasks that they and you can tackle together over the next year to get closer to that goal. And don’t forget to take notes! Showing that you care for the employees goals well help them feel more confident. Plus you can refer to the notes periodically to continue the conversations throughout the year to keep the employee motivated and growing.

By implementing these 3 secret strategies in your business, you create an environment that employees love and want to stick around for. They become your biggest supporters and are more productive during the work day - which means more growth for your business!

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