January 31, 2020

Hiring a Security Guard Can Improve Your Bottom Line

Paying for a security guard at your business to save dollars seems counterintuitive, but this move may actually cut some expenses. At the same time, improved security can foster more sales. The result means additional profitability for your business.

Security Guards Reduce Threats

Putting a guard on your premises communicates that you take security seriously and provides a strong deterrent for anyone contemplating robbery, violence, vandalism, shoplifting, and even internal pilfering. In most cases, it imparts just enough warning to make potential perpetrators think twice and take illegal intentions elsewhere. If someone does attempt anything, a well-trained guard can handle the situation safely and quickly. Significant reductions in theft add up to big savings for any business.

Security Guards Give People a Sense of Protection

Reading about threats and violence on daily news feeds makes everyone more safety conscious, and customers and employees take note of their surroundings when they venture out to shop or work. The presence of a security guard helps ease worries. People know trained security agents keep the area under constant surveillance, and this knowledge allows them to relax and concentrate on shopping or working. Added security draws in customers who may have stayed away because of safety concerns, and it encourages patrons to take their time, look over products and services, and spend more money.

Security Guards Reduce Employee Turnover

Employees keep working at a job for many reasons, and not all of them involve money. If workers feel unsafe or threatened at their place of employment, they may decide to look for another job even if they enjoy what they do and earn a good wage. Locating and training employees is a big expense for any business, and keeping customers satisfied while understaffed is also a challenge. Adding a security guard says you care about your employees and encourages them to stay in your safe environment.

Show your concern for everyone who enters your business property. Contact Champion National Security by calling 281-603-0498 or emailing us today to learn more about how a security guard can help keep your business, customers, and employees safe and improve profitability at the same time.

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