Hiring a Security Guard Company

From armed to unarmed security guards; you want a business to handle it all. There are many security options available. But how do you go about hiring a security guard company for your business?

Let’s talk about the discovery effort needed which can help you decide who to entrust with your safety and protection. In this article, we will uncover the advantages and pitfalls involved in selecting a security provider. And what you can expect when working with an outside security company.

Before you start talking to a security guard companies

If you are getting ready to look at hiring a company to provide security guard services for your business - there is some prep work you can do to prepare yourself for the conversation. The first step is performing an internal analysis to discover your business's risks and vulnerabilities. Once you have established your needs, you will then be able to start looking for a provider who can offer the best protection.

Start by asking yourself or your leadership team some questions to gather information on your needs. Things like:

  • Have there been security issues we need to address? If so, what are they?
  • Do we feel like the business or property is at risk or unsafe? If so, how?
  • Do we have a budget in mind? Do we know how many officers we want?

Develop an internal understanding of your needs. This process will help you start to identify the categories of service you’re going to want. The information you collect will help you narrow down your vendor options and make sure you’re talking to the right people, saving you time and conversations.

After you have a basic outline of your needs, you will next decide on the type of service that will support your plan. Consider answering the following:

  1. Do I want unarmed or armed officers?
  2. Do I want them uniformed or incognito?
  3. Do I want surveillance cameras? Controlled access? Mobile Vehicle Patrol?

Many security providers will offer all these services, but you may not want or need all of them. Knowing which ones are important to you will help the security company make sure your needs are met with a healthy return on your bottom line.

Don’t know what you want? Talk to an expert to see what other companies like yours do. Talk about the risks or incidents that you’re concerned about, and they can tell the best way to mitigate that risk.

There are even more questions for consideration; Do you want a local company or a national chain? This decision will largely depend on the size of the environment to be protected, the number of locations, and the distance between your company locations. With this in mind, national chains have a strong ability to serve multiple locations all over the country – but they may not be physically nearby or available for you as a client. Alternatively, local providers offer the advantage of being "right down the road" - so you know you can meet and speak with their representatives in person. However, they may not have the vast resources available to offer luxury additions.

Champion National Security, (Champion) is one of the few security guard companies that sit right in the middle of those two service ranges. They have locations in 18 states and combine talented people and best practices to serve everyone with extensive resources and options. Each of their local branches serves neighboring clients and provide individualized attention from the resident management team. Champion offers its clients a personal representative who is easily contacted and takes ownership of their service delivery.

Once you have identified your risks and needs, you can begin to talk with different service providers on what they offer and how they compare.

You need to know the benefits of hiring a security guard company

Many benefits come with hiring an outside security service company as opposed to handling it internally (or not at all).

Hiring a security services vendor makes a lot of sense. The hired vendor can take on the extraneous burdens that arise with a “DIY approach”, like; recruiting, hiring, training, management, licensing, background checks, and drug screens—not to mention the costs associated with all of these efforts. Sourcing it out to a reputable company will save you and your staff time, money, and resources.

Work with a company that provides their own uniforms, upkeep, and adherence to make sure you’re getting the best version of protection and safety when officers are on your property.

When it comes to uniforms - Champion offers the benefit of a variety of resources and options. The most popular is the police style uniform, which imparts an official presence and includes shoulder patches, striped pants, and utility belts. Another increasingly popular style is the active style uniform, which presents a professional and customer service oriented presence. This type of uniform can be a polo shirt/slacks, or button-up, collared shirt with a blazer. Champion can fit your company brand and style effortlessly. They even offer Loss Prevention options for retail centers that want their security to be more discreet while they monitor and patrol the area.

Not having to hire your security officers as employees of your company is another substantial benefit when reviewing your options.

Did you know the average cost to hire an employee is $4,129? That’s not considering salary either. That focuses on the recruiting aspect, on-boarding, training, etc.

Having a third party vendor recruit, hire, and manage all the security staff saves your company money. In addition, they have all the experience to properly train and manage them which will ensure the highest quality guards are retained.

Champion is fully licensed and insured in each state where they operate. This compliance protects your business and adds value to your service plan.

Champion provides all security-related training for their officers, and this benefit passes on to you. Their focus on training means the officers assigned to your site are prepared and ready to perform exceptional work from day one.

The risks of hiring a security guard company

There are definite risks to hiring an insufficiently vetted security guard company. We don’t want to scare you, but it’s essential to pay attention to a few high-risk areas when outsourcing your security to a security company.

For example, those with no licenses can get you in significant trouble with the government. The liability for conducting security without a proper license is heavy, and you don’t want to receive a penalty that may negatively impact your business!

Security guard companies that provide inadequate or even non-existent training to their guards can result in personnel that is not prepared to handle an emergency. This risk - while you may not see if daily — can prove to be disastrous in emergencies. The protection of your people, assets, and property all impact your business. So the credentials and practices of the company you hire need to be thoroughly evaluated before you sign on with them.

Poor communication is another significantly reported complaint we hear throughout the industry. It’s one of the inherent risks when outsourcing any aspect to your business. You want a team to stay in constant communication for updates, concerns, and to ensure your business is a priority

What to expect from your security guard services company

Having clear expectations is critical when going into discussions with security guard companies. Clearly defined expectations will help you, and your vendor makes sure your security plan is carried out according to your strategy.

Once you understand all the risks and benefits, you will know what you’re looking for in a provider, and you will be ready to ask all the right questions—you can expect the process to be reasonably smooth. It’s just a conversation where you and your provider settle on services and terms, and then they begin implementation. Depending on the complexity of your site and your security plan, you could have service start in as little as 24 hours!

If you’re looking for a security partner and are thinking of choosing Champion, feel free to reach out to us here. We can begin the conversation with you to help you prepare for your bid phase. We’ll help you ask all the right questions to get the best provider for your business needs.

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