January 22, 2020

How Do You Secure A Construction Site?

One of the biggest construction site issues is when thieves steal equipment and tools, either for a quick buck or just for the thrill of it.

The good news, however, is that there are several ways you can keep this from happening. 

In this article, you will discover the secrets to securing your construction site so criminals don’t get in the way of you doing your job.

Securing a construction site involves several risk mitigation measures, including the use of appropriate lighting, fencing, signage, surveillance videos, tracking devices, hiring a security guard, and a lot more. 

Why is equipment theft so prevalent?

Managing a construction project effectively requires factoring in certain safety considerations. As a contractor, you need to take note of these considerations if you don’t want to lose thousands of dollars in lost time and equipment.

If you have been reading local news feeds every day, you probably know how construction equipment theft is like an epidemic in the construction industry. 

These theft stories make headlines almost every day, and they will continue to make headlines unless contractors stop omitting important security considerations from their planning.

The question of why equipment theft is so prevalent in the industry is not easy to answer, but there are certain factors that make theft in construction sites a viable crime. For one, heavy equipment is a relatively valued target of thieves since tools and equipment are very expensive on the black market. Imagine the easy money thieves get just by stealing construction equipment and putting them on the used equipment market.

Another reason equipment theft is so prevalent in the construction industry is that penalties for thieves in the United States are so lenient, even for those who are already convicted. If you are a thief and you know you can easily get away with your crime unscathed, chances are you will not mind committing the same crime again and again.

As a contractor, knowing the extent of the risks that construction equipment theft can pose for your business will help you come up with a security plan that will address the specific liabilities of your site.

Why secure your construction site?

According to the NER, the average value of a stolen piece of machinery in a construction site stands at a little over $29,000. Aside from that, you lose additional revenue from the accompanying costs of equipment theft, including downtime for equipment operators, significantly higher insurance premiums, project delays, and the possible revocation of an insurance policy. 

Regardless of the offense committed within your construction site, there are always financial risks, so it pays to ensure that your site is always secure from crimes such as theft and vandalism.

What are the risk factors to consider when securing your construction site?

As a contractor, you may want to know the risk factors you need to consider to help you assess the risk of your future projects. 

Several studies conducted in the past have already identified commonalities in theft occurrences and behavior, making it easier for contractors and project managers like you to determine your need for optimal security measures when securing your construction site.

Here are the two most important risk factors to consider when securing your site:

·         Location

As you determine the budget you will allocate for security measures, you need to be aware of how bad construction equipment theft is in your local city. Commonly, thieves commonly break into construction sites in their local areas.

In the United States, the top ten states for job equipment theft are Texas, North Carolina, Florida, California, Georgia, South Carolina, Tennessee, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Alabama. 

·         Equipment Type and Condition

Aside from the location of your construction site, another important risk factor to consider when securing your site is the type and condition of your equipment. The most commonly stolen equipment is easy to mobilize and of high value, such as mowers, tractors, loaders, excavators, and forklifts. 

So How Do You Secure Your Construction Site?

If you want to curb crimes such as theft and vandalism in your construction site, it’s imperative for your company to sit down and devise a comprehensive security plan during the pre-construction phase. 

As I’ve discussed earlier, consider all the possible risks as you come up with your security plan. Ideally, the greater the liability, the more your company should invest in security.

One of the most basic yet crucial aspects of construction site security is the contracting of security guards. These physical security needs, as well as the technological solutions available nowadays, ideally get the lion’s share of your budget for security.

While your construction site’s needs may not necessarily be the same as another’s, security plans for construction sites generally cover the following:

·         Enough budget for security

Once you have identified the risk factors you need to consider in securing your site, the next thing you need to plan is how much budget you are going to allocate for your construction site’s security. 

Set aside an estimate of money for everything you will need to secure your site, including proper lighting, alarm systems, fences, surveillance cameras, insurance coverage, and security staff. The higher the risk of theft in your site, the bigger your budget for security should be. 

·         Assigning roles to your employees

Delegating security responsibilities is crucial in ensuring safety in a construction site. Don’t hesitate to assign roles to your project manager, project engineer, superintendent, and other employees and make sure everyone has a role in securing the workplace.

·         Close ties with your local police

There’s nothing wrong with establishing a good line of contact with local law enforcement when ensuring the safety of your construction site. Having contact with police authorities will work to your advantage, especially when you need them to patrol your construction site at night.

It is best if you provide your employees with a contact name and phone number they can reach in case they observe any unusual activity within the premises.

·         Contact with neighboring residents

Before construction activity commences in your site, introduce yourself to your neighbors and alert businesses and residents in the neighborhood about the work being done in your area. You can also give them your contact information so they can contact you in case they notice some suspicious activity on your site when you’re not around.

·         Proper lighting

Since a construction site is vast, make sure that proper lighting is installed in every corner of the vicinity to provide optimal visibility. Ensuring that the entire area is well lit will make it easier for those patrolling the site at night to spot intruders or suspicious activities.

·         A guard booth

Having just one entry point in your construction site will help control access to its premises. With a security guard booth installed at the entrance point, it will be easier to identify the people who make their way into your construction site. 

According to Global Investigation Security Services (GISS) president Oliver DeLaurentiis, a guard booth should be a priority when it comes to securing construction sites. “Controlling access to the site should be your number one priority when you create a construction site security plan,” he said.

·         Security personnel

One of the basics of securing any workplace is having personnel on-site to keep a close watch on the site. You may consider buying or renting guard booths to make the most of your investment in hired security, which you will need most during long weekends and holidays.

Securing your construction site is more than just assigning guards in and around your premises. It is something that you shouldn’t take lightly, because the more criminals perceive that your site is unguarded, the more they will target it to make off with easy money.

At Champion National Security, we don’t settle for half-baked services. We strive to make lives better by keeping you safe, protecting your assets, and making sure that you always come first. 

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