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Importance of Technology in the Security Business

After the 2008 recession, security directors all across America were forced to operate within the confines of smaller budgets. A decade later and adjusting for inflation, many of these budgets have not been restored to previous levels. As a result, security companies must rely on technology to provide cost-effective security solutions.

Biometrics for Better Identification

When they first gained popularity in restricted spaces, key cards, or access cards, were considered the future of security. Employees no longer needed cumbersome keys to access multiple spaces. Unfortunately, key cards failed to eliminate one problem that existed from the time of keys. Key card systems could not truly verify the identity of the user because key cards can be shared — or worse, stolen. Biometrics, on the other hand, provide higher levels of security on everything from cell phones to science labs.

Remote Monitoring

Property managers and business owners are now able to access footage of what is happening in retail stores, restaurants, office spaces, and warehouses in real time. Remote monitoring has also made it possible for managers to grant and deny access without ever needing to be on site. Additionally, in the event of a crime, the cameras provide evidence to help investigators build a successful case.

Improve Efficiency

Managers are not the only ones who keep an eye on cameras. For many security officers, this is a full-time job. In fact, thanks to live streaming from security cameras, even large skyscrapers can be manned by just a handful of officers. In some instances, businesses may rely on technology entirely outside of operation hours, reducing the need for guards on site at the most dangerous times.  

Security officers are no longer trained solely to protect buildings. As the first point of contact for many customers, guards now provide customer service support. This makes the human element of security systems indispensable. Even so, technology used by security companies makes it possible for officers to conduct their job more efficiently and safely, saving you money in the process.


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