October 29, 2018

Industrial Security Success - Part 2

This is a continuation of a previous blog, Success in Industrial Security. If you haven't read that article first, we recommend you starting there.


What Does An Industrial Security Specialist Do?

According to a recent Towers Watson report “more than 60% of employees are unsupported, detached, or disengaged.”

Knowing the vast amount of square footage associated with each employee performing security at industrial sites, and knowing that many of them are unsupported or disengaged – it is simply not smart to assume they can provide all the necessary security aspects in addition to their other workload assignments.

This is where a contractor or security specialist comes in.

Security specialists will work with the industrial facility management team to identify goals, key areas of risk, and implementing processes. It’s important to note there are not always hard rules in the security industry – but there are industry best practices. Working with a security partner that brings expertise and subject matter experts into the team will help guide you to the most effective solutions for your business.

Some best practices in the industry involve technological accountability with items like keycards, CCTV systems, GPS monitoring, and alarm systems for duress or panic button type of situations.

In our client story, you can see that even just a few security measures can make all the difference when it comes to mitigation and investigation.


Industrial and manufacturing facilities can face many security threats, which require preparation. These include violence, theft, injury, and natural disaster.


The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) defines industrial facility violence into 4 categories: anonymous, third party criminals, authorized staff or visitors, and domestic violence.

Violence scenarios are not as uncommon as one might hope, they actually occur often. Phoned in bomb threats, disgruntled employees, or coworker altercations – require prevention forethought and preparation. Plans in place to handle violence in it varied form, help keep staff safe and ensure visitors feel secure.


With so much square footage making up industrial and manufacturing facilities, many staff go unsupervised for periods of time. The square footage also leaves many areas open to criminals sneaking in and out of the property without ever being seen.

As seen in our client study – even inside employees have the potential to cost tens of thousands of dollars in loss due to theft. While not every employee is a bad apple, when you are responsible for a large department or organization of hundreds or thousands of employees – you simple cannot know each individual well enough to catch issues before they start.


According to NAICS 31-33, there were 319 fatalities in 2016. The rate of injury and illness per 100 ft was 3.6. With heavy equipment, large storage containers, and mechanical components, and even chemical substances for which these facilities face increased risk for employees and visitors.


Not a factor most people like to think about, but natural disasters are just that – natural and an ever-present risk. Natural disasters like fires, floods, explosions, or tornadoes do exist, and will not ignore your industrial complex.

71% of fires in the industrial and manufacturing industry were outside the facility or considered unclassified fires. These account for an estimated average of 3 civilian deaths, 38 civilian injuries, and $265 million in direct property damage annually.



For any industrial facility, security starts with the decision to prioritize it—whether selecting a a simple plan with fencing, padlocks, and a nighttime security officer – or advanced plan with CCTV, a 24/7 security coverage with patrol, and advanced access control, it is important to place trust in your security expert. They will help identify, develop and implement a plan that fits your risk levels and budget.

The first step is to understand the risk and knowing your available options.

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