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Keep Security Measures Current

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The world keeps changing at an accelerated rate, is your business keeping up? Whether you have embraced technology and made modifications to boost sales and growth, or the economy and culture have forced changes upon your organization, everything is probably quite different from even a few years ago. In the midst of your business’ transformation, it’s quite easy to forget the need to adjust security measures too.

Changes in Your Business

Before you review your security plan, you need to analyze how your business has evolved. Take stock of the following factors:

  • Location: Even if your address is the same, factors around you may be different. Perhaps the neighborhood, nearby businesses, or road access have altered.
  • Employees: You may have experienced employee turnover and a decrease in available workers. Long-term, trusted staff members may have retired or left. Maybe there has been an uptick in missing inventory. These situations can all affect needed security.
  • Growth: If your business has seen substantial growth in sales, customers, employees, and new services or products, security requirements most likely have also grown. Don’t let an increased workload distract you from reviewing them.

Changes in Illegal Activities

Your business isn’t the only arena that has undergone changes. Criminal activities have not stood still. While traditional types of stealing and other misconduct still exist, cybercrimes, identity theft, and credit card fraud are all on the rise. Criminals take advantage of new technologies too.

Changes in Affordable Security Measures

Think about how an innovative computer or phone can outperform one that is five years old. The same is true about new surveillance cameras, burglar and fire alarms, and access control systems. Technology has provided huge advances in security tools, and in many cases, makes them more affordable too.

If it has been a while since you’ve reviewed the security needs and plans for your changing business, don’t put off contacting Champion National Security. We have the knowledge and expertise to analyze your business transformation and help formulate a budget-appropriate security plan that utilizes improved technology and processes. Call 281-603-0498 or email us today to learn more!