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No city honors North Texas history better than Fort Worth and we are proud to provide our professional security services to an equally proud city. Fort Worth is not only home to world-class museums and rich architecture, but as a modern metropolitan area, Fort Worth is home to some of the largest multi-national corporations, as well as great educational institutions. This diverse city is inhabited by all kinds of residents, customers, employees, and assets that we are determined to protect. Our uniformed security officers are the top of the line, hand-selected by our specialized security experts who are regularly in touch with our clients. We hire all kinds of people, from veterans to off-duty law enforcement, and our ongoing training program ensures that our security guards are equipped to get the job done. Our technology team has built custom scheduling apps and an advanced reporting system that gives us visibility that places our team above the rest. We pride ourselves on how much insight we have into business needs and bring that insight to the table, and all these things together make us strong and dependable. We stay ahead of the game and give you direct insight by providing constant communication from our most qualified and educated security professionals. From shopping centers to gated communities, our security experts are experienced and equipped with the knowledge and skills to meet your security needs fast and effectively. Our approach is client-first, and our grassroots growth lends to our unique ability to meet a wide array of any business’s security needs. We are more than a private security industry— we provide quality customer service from our best-in-class management team that goes the extra mile to meet any challenges with quick, flexible, and decisive resolution. Our promise is that you are left feeling empowered and secure, and we have the intel to make that happen.

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