November 27, 2019

Securing Your Business During the Holidays

Keep your business safe and secured by hiring security guards from Champion National Security.

Holiday anticipation starts well before the holidays begin. Decorations go up, employees mark vacation times on the calendar, and businesses adjust hours to meet customer demand and holiday closures. It's a lot to think about, but don't forget to consider security issues when implementing all the other holiday plans.

Work With Your Security Service

Whether you need additional assistance during the holidays or not, be sure to keep your alarm service informed of changes in business hours and holiday closures. You will also want to review and adjust the staff call list in case an alarm goes off or another emergency occurs during this period. If the top two or three persons on the notification list are out of town, valuable contact time may be lost in an urgent situation.

Go Over Pertinent Information With Employees

You want all of your staff to enjoy this special time of year, so keep the communication channels open. Disseminate information as early as possible about adjusted work schedules, holiday closures, and plans for providing coverage and customer service. Employees are typically more willing to get on board with holiday policies if they have plenty of notice.

If some staff members will be working or checking in from remote locations, be sure to review computer security practices and protocols for using public Wi-Fi in hotels, coffee shops, or other locations. Plan for employees who may come into work during closed hours and decide who has access to secured areas.

Test Security Equipment

Make sure security cameras, access systems, alarms, and panic buttons all operate correctly. Remember that light strings, electronic ornaments, and other holiday decorations may impair functions or block visibility. This becomes especially important when the premises are vacant or only one or two people are working.

Give a Final Check

Set up an automated phone message for customers. Turn off lights and decorations, secure valuables in the safe, and lock all areas before leaving.

If you have extra security needs for the holidays at your business, contact Champion National Security by calling 281-603-0498 or emailing us today. We will provide a free quote for your individual security needs.

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