Hospitality Security

Champion proudly serves businesses and understands the hospitality security needs of a high customer driven environment. Read for more details about your business area and how we can address your unique security needs.
Hospitality Security for Hotels


Hospitality Security for Restaurants


When it comes to hospitality security, there is a high demand for safety and security, as well as amenable customer service. A single act of crime can irreversibly tarnish a business’s reputation, and hospitality businesses rely on the image of their brand. Champion National Security understands the gravity of providing great customer service and attentive security service to such a bustling industry as hospitality. We have served and continue to serve all kinds of businesses that provide hospitality services, ranging from lodging and hotels to great restaurants. With our mission to make all lives better in mind, we are driven to deliver security services with excellence to the hospitality industry. Champion National Security has built a team of top-of-the-line security professionals who are hand-selected then thoroughly and intensively trained to provide not only excellent observation and reporting skills, but high-quality customer service. We guarantee that our Security Officers will meet your hospitality company’s specific standards. Whatever your needs are, whether it’s parking lot patrols, video surveillance, or simply a strong security presence, our armed and unarmed security officers are more than certified to serve with the highest level of excellence. Not only are we equipped with advanced scheduling technology and GPS-enabled apps, but we have the most seasoned security veterans on our team who are available around the clock to accommodate you and give you a wide range of visibility. While we operate with the resources of a large corporation, our approach is that of a boutique company: our customers come first. Our business development managers will work with you throughout the entire process to identify your needs and create a customized security plan. Our promise is that you are left feeling empowered and secure, and we have the intel to make that happen.