Medical Security

Doctors and nurses are our heroes! Here at Champion, we believe the security of medical facilities and hospitals is of the utmost importance. Read on to see how we can help.

An open-door environment makes hospitals and medical facilities some of the most active public places in the US, causing them to be vulnerable to criminal activity if left unprotected. Apart from the challenges of keeping both employees and patients safe, medical facilities are susceptible to expensive equipment and drugs being stolen. The need for quality medical security remains stronger than ever. Champion National Security has the experience and resources to help. 

Champion National Security has been serving the medical industry for 35 years. Because of this, we understand the adaptability and sense of urgency demanded by the medical industry. Our thoroughly vetted and seasoned security professionals are intensively trained to stay observant, aware and provide quality customer service in the fast-paced environment of the medical world. 

Every medical facility is different, with needs that fluctuate and call for fast emergency responses. We offer custom-tailored and cost-effective plans to meet the unique challenges of your medical facility. Our business development managers will come alongside you throughout the whole process to build a plan tailored to your business needs. 

At Champion National Security, we never want our clients to feel unsure about operations or how things are going, so we aim for excellent communication and accessibility using our state of the art advanced technology. Our custom security apps allow for better scheduling, hiring and communication than that of our competitors, giving you more direct access and insight into operations at all times. 

We go the extra mile to adapt to your needs and provide the most quality security solutions available. Whether you need foot or vehicle patrols, armed or unarmed security professionals who are well-equipped for on-point communication and customer service, we have a solution for you.

At Champion National Security, we hold fast to our vision to "Make Lives Better." We believe our role in this endeavor is to give the community peace of mind through receiving the most dependable security solutions out there. 


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