Gated Community Security Services

Champion National Security helps residents feel at home by becoming a part of the community. With gated community security we keep hospitality at top of mind. Our Security Officers and personnel pay attention to detail and become a part of the neighborhood, knowing the ins and outs and details of the community’s daily activities. Resident safety is the highest priority and officers are trained to watch and prevent crime during all hours.

Having an Officer on station at the gates to watch for suspicious activity and monitor guests helps residents feel safer and gives them a stronger feeling of community. Community security teams use fences and gates help reduce unauthorized traffic and reduce street crime. They can also monitor video surveillance to watch for suspicious activity and are trained to actively respond during a crime. Our team utilizes excellent training to properly address any activity, whether it’s burglary, housing vandalism, or a natural disaster. They can also help deter theft by checking credentials before allowing guests to access communities.

Communication and high-quality security make the backbone of a safe home environment. Every member of the Champion National Security team is a highly-skilled and qualified individual who pays attention to access points, action and is attentive to the community’s needs. Learn more about how Champion National Security can help your community feel safe, secure and welcoming.

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