Residential Security

Your homeowners association ensures the integrity of your community. Is it doing everything it can? Residential security can be a vital addition to your safety and the appeal of your community, so don’t ignore the opportunity to improve the safety of the residental environment.

Your homeowners association has many tasks. You must keep the community looking attractive, enforce rules, and make sure the environment is a safe and secure place for your residents.

Longer term you want to make sure your community has a good reputation to retain residents and keep property prices rising.

Your residential security company can be a vital partner in helping you achieve these goals. First and foremost you want your residents to have peace of mind. You want them to know you are only letting in residents, or people on an approved list. Security can prevent the contractor who shows up too early, the unwanted solicitor, or possibly someone looking to do something worse, from gaining access to your community.

With someone manning the gate 24/7 and another officer out on patrol you can ensure your community is safe. You want your security to be driving around looking for open garages, checking on the houses of residents on vacation, and looking for anyone who doesn’t have a stated purpose for being on the property. Additionally code enforcement is essential to keep your community attractive. Trash, cars parked where they shouldn’t be, and residents not taking care of their lawns-all these things can cheapen the look of your community. You want your residents to know the rules are in place for a reason and there is an active enforcement mechanism. No one wants to drive around and see a street with lots of trash, derelict cars/boats, and overgrown lawns.

Let security be an integral part of your management team. Our residential Security Officers can be the ones working day and night to ensure your residents are living in a safe, clean, and secure environment.

Champion National Security works with residential community all across the nation. Give us a call to see what we can do for your community today.