April 2, 2019

Staying Safe With Rideshares

We've been there. Waiting, checking the phone, eyeing cars as they pass - hoping the next one is your ride. 

If we're in a hurry, or it’s cold outside or any number of other reasons that might cause one to “throw caution to the wind” and jump in without first confirming a few vital details.

However missing these tiny vital details can make all the difference.

Recently in the news a college student was murdered and it's bringing attention to the safety and security of anyone looking to call Uber or Lyft during their next outing.

Most rideshare apps will all share the name and license plate of the car that will be arriving to take you to your destination. 

But did you also know the app shares your name, and sometimes even your profile photo with the driver? For this reason, one simple, easy-to-remember way of eliminating a mistake is to ask them one question:

“What’s my name?” 

If it is your ride, the driver will know your name.

After University of South Carolina student, Samantha Josephson was murdered after mistaking a car for her Uber, the university initiated the campaign to help get the word out to students. 

For this reason, Champion is supporting the “What’s my name”? campaign geared toward ride-share safety.

As a security provider charged with the protection and safety of campuses all across the US, it is important to share this precaution with our clients and their students – and everyone that uses rideshare transportation.

Here are 3 simple tips to ensure you get in the right car:

• Ask, “What’s my name?” Don’t volunteer it!

• Make sure the license plate matches your ride.

• Ask for their name to match the expected app.

Stay safe out there and remember to pay attention to your surroundings at all times!

Champion National Security
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