Champion Announces New Regional Manager Mr. Garrett Cizek

Joining Champion in Fall of 2018, Garrett brings over 25 years of experience with him in various leadership and business development roles.

“We’re excited to have Garrett Cizek join the team,” says Bobby Davis, VP of Business Development at Champion National Security. “We know we can learn a lot from his experience and with his help strengthen relationships in the Midwest region.”

Cizek was previously the Business Development Manager for Securitas Security Services, and utilized his leadership and business development skills to improve performance and develop strong relationships with clients and community alike.

“I am ecstatic to be joining Champion National Security and know that this team is the right place for me. Their passion and commitment to service delivery is unmatched to other service providers in the area.” Says Garrett Cizek. “It’s exciting to know that they share my ultimate goal of providing the best service possible and growing based on reputation and relationships.”

Champion National Security is a leader in the security services industry, by focusing on unrivaled service through strongly committed people.

Garrett’s history has been a strong climb through a variety of industries, including marking companies like DIMAC Direct and D’Arcy Masius Benten and Bowles. He also worked in the Casino industry for many years, focusing on growing businesses through strategic campaigns and ongoing customer service improvement plans.

His management expertise coupled with an ability for developing strong relationships with those around him has provided significant success and lot of attention in the security industry.

“Here at Champion, or number one goal is always exceeding client expectations. We focus on understanding their needs and tailoring solutions to efficiently get the job done, all while maintaining a strong relationship with all included.” Says Bill McCoy, Chief Operating Officer at Champion National Security. “In an effort to continue to grow and strengthen the Midwest region, we are adding talented individuals like Garrett Cizek to the already strong team. We welcome Garrett as a leader in the industry with years of experience in management and client service.”

When not growing businesses in the Midwest region, Garrett spends time with his wife Jamie their two boys, playing golf, and enjoying the Cubs games.

Founded in 1980, Champion National Security is the largest privately held security officer provider in Texas and one of the largest in the nation. With over 2,000 security officers servicing over 300 sites in 26 states, Champion National Security prides itself maintaining a high quality of service, growing one client at a time. Web address:

Are Security Jobs Dangerous?

When you think of dangerous jobs what pops into mind? Construction workers? Commercial Fisherman?Factory Work? Farming? Police work?

What about being a security officer?

"How hard can it be to watch a building all night?" you might say. They walk the fence once an hour and look for any suspicious activity. If an officer sees anything he just makes a phone call. "What could go wrong?"

How hard can it be to “monitor and report.”

But let’s run through a scenario

It is late at night and you are walking the back fence of a large distribution facility. This place specializes in shipping cigarettes. Basically cigarettes are easy to steal, transport, and resell.

The security officer has to be alert. He has to be looking for any holes in thefence, shoe prints, or for any damage to any of the trailers. If he sees anything he better get to a safespot and make a call to the police ASAP.

Can you imagine having to sit in a car in the middle of the shipping yard? You have to remain alert and pray you don’t see anything. Not too mention you can imagine how hard is it to stay alert when for the past sixty days the only action has been crickets chirping.

If a thief breaks in how far are they going to go? What will they be willing to do? The officer is alone in the middle of a 30acre industrial facility, will anyone hear anything?

Dangerous Security Jobs Scenario

Another Scenario

A common post assignment is a hospital. Hospitals are unique places. First, people are in hospitals because something isn’t right and chances are they aren’t in the best of moods. Second, many of the hospital staff are female. Third, hospitals bring together members of the family during stressful and emotional moments.

All of these elements combine to form a potentially potent cocktail. It is going to take someone with a physical presence and a quick intellect to make sure nothing gets out of hand.

What about my office? It's quiet.

Let’s take your average midrise office building with an attached parking garage. This building is right off the freeway and not too far from downtown. An officer’s duties might include walking the grounds, patrolling the parking garage, and watching the lobby.

In this scenario you would want to watch out for transients in the parking garage. Especially in the winter homeless people like to hang out in parking garages and get out of the elements. There can be one, two, or an entire group. Large groups like this can quickly create a safety, trash, or biological issues.

Another common duty is for the officer might be called to walk tenants out to their cars late at night. After a long day of work people might not be as aware as they should be. They might have other things on their mind as they walk out into the almost empty parking garage just hoping to get home.

Even where I live?

An officer is assigned to walk around a large apartment complex. It is late and most people are asleep, but there is loud music coming from a top floor apartment. As the officer is walking up the stars he passes two people that give off a strong alcohol odor heading down the stairs. How will the people in the apartment react to a request to turn down the music? Is there going to be one person, or will it be an entire party?

A guard could be patrolling an apartment complex when he sees a late model F150 pickup truck pull up to the front gate. The passenger gets out with a pair of bolt cutters and promptly cuts the gate’s chain and rolls it aside. The security guard sees this as he is walking on foot. How close does the officer want to get? If the officer gets the license plate of the truck what are the chances it is stolen.

So Are Security Jobs Dangerous? The Conclusion

Security officers often work in remote locations, late at night, and in situations that can turn volatile in a hurry. There are long periods of utter boredom punctuatedby extreme excitement. An officer has to keep their head in the game or things can turn ugly fast. Theft, physical harm, or worse can happen in a hurry.

It isn’t easy manning a post alone late at night. It isn’t easy remaining alert when nothing has happened for months on end. And it definitely isn't easy dealing with conflict with strangers that you don't know how they will behave!

Give the guy standing in the corner a little respect. His job is harder than you realize.

Where To Take A Security Guard Test?

Licensing? Training? Where do I start?

Are you asking yourself where to take a security guard test? Are you looking for a career as a Security Officer? We get a lot of questions from our brand new Security Officers - and one of the most common ones is "where do I take the test?"

Most every state requires you to be licensed if you work as a security officer. Applicants to our company often ask us where can they take the test to become a security officer. The answer to that question is different for every state that we serve, so today we’re going to answer some general questions that will make it easier for you, our prospective officers, to find the licensing information that you’re searching for.

Every state has a governing authority for licensing security officers, in some states it gets a little more complicated than that as you also need to be certified to work in a specific county or city. Right now, we’ll keep it simple.

The best way to find out the licensing requirements for your state is to do a search for “Security Officer License your state”. For example, a google search for “Security Officer License Virginia” brings up links to the Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services website. From there you can find links to the specific type of license that wish to obtain. We’ll use an Armed Security Officer as an example.

Study to Take a Security Guard Test

By clicking on the Armed Security Officer link, you will get information about the general requirements as well as the training requirements that you need before you can be licensed. Some state websites will also link to the various schools offering the training courses that you need.

All states that require licensing will have information on their Private Security websites that will direct you to the additional documentation they require, for example, in Texas all applicants for a security license must have their fingerprints taken. Louisiana requires their officer applicants to obtain their fingerprints and background check in order to apply for their license with the state.

All states will have comprehensive information on their websites about the steps that you need to take in order ensure that you are in compliance with the state and local laws governing private security. Some companies will tell you that you don’t need to be in compliance, but non-compliance can result in fines and possibly criminal charges. The key to your success is to make sure that you thoroughly read and understand the requirements for your state.

Once you have obtained your security license, in most cases, it will need to be renewed at regular intervals.

Where to take a Security Guard Test

At Champion National Security we pride ourselves on selecting the best security professionals that this industry has to offer. With that in mind, there are other certifications that you can obtain as a security officer that will add important skills to your resume. Consider becoming certified in CPR and first Aid, Oxygen Administration, and how to use an Automatic External Defibrillator (AED). These skills will serve you well in general, but they are especially attractive to Security Companies like ours.

7 Tips for Working the Night Shift

Security guards, firefighters, policemen, nurses, cleaning crews, and more, all experience working night shifts. It’s estimated that 6 million people work the night shift in the US. In our current bustling economy, many industries need help during off hours. This means more shifts need to be filled at all hours of the week.

But what is the impact of the night shift on your body and your daily life? Let's look at the history of the night shift and its impact on your health. We're also going to cover 7 tips to keep individuals on the night shift healthy.

If you or someone you know works a night shift - read on to learn how to help!

The History of the Night Shift

The idea of working nights is not an new one. We’ve had a need for work at night long ago in history. Watchmen of ancient kingdoms would guard the grounds at night. Their job was protecting their master from any threat.

Is wasn’t until the late 1800’s that the concept of the night shift really changed. The invention of the lightbulb allowed workers to work longer by illuminating the dark. Manufactures in metal and textile mills jumped at the chance for increased production and higher profits. They introduced the concept of shift work. This meant they could split crews into groups and rotate when they worked. This allowed more goods without the added pay of extra crew.

The concept of shift work continued to grow into every industry. Today it is still relevant. Many companies and workers enjoy the benefit of shift work. They get time off during the day, atypical weekends, or flexibility for other responsibilities.

Some of the most common shift work is found in the transportation sector. Construction, railroads, freights, all need night shifts. They need to be able to work without distractions from daily traffic or pedestrians.

More increasingly the service industry is becoming a big night shift provider. More retail centers and convenience stores are operating on a 24 hour system. This means they need workers for shifts around the clock.

Shift work is also common in public safety and health care. EMS, Police, Security, Fire Fighting, and Hospitals are just some examples of industries that have the need for staff 24/7 to keep the public safe.

Working on Laptop for Night Shift

The Impact of the Night Shift

Working the night shift can be a big change for you, your family, and your health. It’s important to take care of yourself during this unusual schedule. Taking care of yourself helps make sure you don’t suffer from a sleep disorder. Sleep disorders are no joke and can cause workers to have absences and accidents.

What is a sleep disorder? Its definition is a ‘medical disorder of your sleep patterns’. Basically meaning you aren’t getting enough sleep, aren’t staying asleep, or having excessive sleep. Having disruptive sleep patterns can result in serious mental and physical issues. The body needs sleep to restore and rejuvenate. Certain body processes like growing muscle, repairing tissue, and synthesizing hormones all happen while we sleep.

Sleep disorders are linked to many serious mental and physical issues. They’re associated with hypertension, diabetes, obesity, depression, and heart attacks. It also impacts your memory and learning. It weakens your immune system, making you more vulnerable to germs and diseases.

For your long term health, it’s important to recognize the risk of sleep disorders due to working the night shift. Once you have the information you can start to adapt healthy patterns to reduce the risk.

7 Tips for Working the Night Shift

Here are some tips to help you adjust to the night shift schedule:

  1. Make sure you drink lots of water and eat! Dehydration will make sleep deprivation so much worse, so remember to stay hydrated. Bring a water bottle if you can. And make sure you eat something before you go to sleep.
  2. Be aware of your caffeine intake. Most people will rely on caffeine (energy drinks or coffee) to keep them alert, but it’s important to know that with any caffeine drink you will experience a crash! Also if you drink your caffeine too late into your shift it will affect your ability to sleep when you do get home
  3. Set a sleeping goal. Make sure you’re keeping track of when you fall asleep and wake up. You ideally want 8 hours every time to stay fresh, alert, and functional.
  4. Keep your workspace bright and your sleep space dark. Sure it may not always be possible but do your best to keep your bedroom very dark by blocking windows with curtains, keeping electronics off, and closing the door if possible. If possible try to keep your workstation bright to stay alert and focused while on the job. The circadian rhythm is what the body uses to keep track of a 24 hour cycle. It is susceptible to light, temperature, and certain medications. So do you best to keep that cycle intact!
  5. Try to keep a schedule. If possible try not to work doubles or rotating shifts. Your body can adjust to a night shift schedule much easier if it is a regularly occurring cycle. By disrupting the schedule with working various shifts or taking days on and off, you never adjust to a normal schedule and your body doesn’t know what to expect.
  6. Be wary of bright light on the way home. The sunlight will keep you up longer, so if you are planning on going home and straight to bed, keep that in mind! Wear sunglasses on the way home and don’t do any errands. The longer you stay out in the sun the harder it will be to go to sleep.
  7. Get support from your family and friends. One of the hardest parts of working the night shift is feeling isolated from your friends and family. you may not be able to join in the late night parties or the midday lunches anymore, but that doesn't mean you’ll never get to see them again. Ask for their support and let them know of your new schedule. Ask them not to reach out to you and wake you up when they know you’ll be asleep. And let them know when you are available and they will understand. You’ll still be able to have a social life, it will just need a little bit of flexibility!

Sleeping during the day before night shift


Hopefully these tips make you feel more confident about working the night shift. Your health doesn’t have to suffer from working the night shift. Pay attention to your body's current needs. Some small changes and you can make sure the transition to night shift is smooth!

While it will be a big change to your lifestyle, it’s not impossible. Jobs that help you provide for your family or further your career are important. We want to help you achieve your goals in a healthy, safe way.

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3 Secrets to Finding and Keeping the Best Employees

 Treat employees like partners and they’ll act like partners.

For any business to grow revenue, it needs to continue to provide value. Whether it’s goods or services, that value can grow with your employees. They are your ambassadors, they see and communicate with your customers and clients, and they set the reputation that your business receives in the world. So making sure you have and are keeping the best employees that love the company and continue to raise the bar will set you apart from your competitors.

So how do you make sure you have the best employees you can?

As you gather employees to grow your business, their success should be a priority to you because it inturn means your success. By investing in your employees, they will invest in the company.

So how do you do that?

Statistics show now that employees value how you treat them even more than how much you pay them. So what are the factors in keeping employees happy besides money?

Pride in their work, Respect for their work, Flexibility at work, and opportunities for growth and development. So we’ve got 3 secret ways to bring in and keep your best employees.

Champion National Men Talking on a Bench

Improve the company culture.

Two of the big factors in keeping employees happy are related to company culture. They are having respect for their work and having pride in their work. When employees feel respected for their contribution and take pride in their involvement, they feel more connected to the company and invested in its success.

Try to think of different ways to show respect for an employee's contribution, and in turn allow them to show their pride for their work. Each work environment is going to be different and sometimes the best way to find what works for your employees is to ask them.

For example, the nonprofit organization HR Council lists many different ways of providing informal recognition for employees. One opportunity is to publicly acknowledge staff’s accomplishments in company meetings, or email newsletters.

The next time you have a company meeting to discuss a successful project, point out some contributing factors each employee provided. Let them know they were an integral part of that success and you value their involvement.

Communication Skills for Security Guards

Improve the company benefits.

It may be hard to improve company benefits. It can be very costly or difficult with multiple buy ins from the higher ups. However job flexibility has been shown to be a top area that an employee measures happiness.

Think about your current culture and how flexible the shifts are, how easy or difficult it becomes when an emergency pops up, or how hesitant workers are to ask for a time off request. Can you offer flexible time? The ability to work from home? For employees with a difficult commute or small children, these small culture changes have a big impact on their happiness factor in a job environment.

For example, Workplaceflexibility offers different flexibility solutions to offer employees. One opportunity is to work with employees to offer shift and break options that provide the ability for work/life sensitivity.

If you can’t provide the flexibility of shift times or lunches due to a rigid customer service environment - For example, say someone needs to be at the front desk to greet guests at all open times, or at a cash register to check out customers - then try to employee a more friendly team environment. Have an open door policy where employees feel comfortable going to you with issues or requests. Maybe have a team channel or board where employees can easily trade shifts or communicate with each other for help and assistance.

Employees at a Meeting

Support Employees Growth.

Survey after survey shows that employees want a job that has purpose for them and to master it. Being a coach or mentor to them can help them achieve that. You need to believe in their potential and want them to succeed.

The best way to promote growth is to invest in their success as much as they do. Learn and share about different growth opportunities for them, from online classes to workshops they can attend, or even just books they can read to continue to strengthen their skills.

A great opportunity to support employee growth is at an annual review. Take this time to discuss the goals of the employee and identify some tasks that they and you can tackle together over the next year to get closer to that goal. And don’t forget to take notes! Showing that you care for the employees goals well help them feel more confident. Plus you can refer to the notes periodically to continue the conversations throughout the year to keep the employee motivated and growing.

By implementing these 3 secret strategies in your business, you create an environment that employees love and want to stick around for. They become your biggest supporters and are more productive during the work day - which means more growth for your business!

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7 Sayings a Security Guard Shouldn't Use

One of the biggest roles of a successful security guard is how well they communicate. Think about it - from talking with clients/guests, authority figures, writing reports, or addressing a hostile person - how well a security guard communicates will determine how people view him as successful, and in turn how they will view the business.

For example, a security guard station in the lobby of a business will often answer questions from visitors who aren’t familiar with the building. “Can you help me find this person?” Or “There’s a guy following me and it’s making me nervous.” He will be asked a ton of questions he may not be prepared for.

How well a security guards can communicate effectively could make or break a business’s reputation. Think you or your security guards are doing their best?

Here are 7 Sayings a Security Guard should avoid using when communicating with others.

Security Services During the Holidays Champion National Security

1. “So what? That’s not my problem.”

This saying doubles as showing a lack of effort and a lack of concern. Both of these are traits a good security guard should show to their peers and customers. While it’s frustrating to be asked to do things that aren’t within your job description, it’s best for a good working relationship to at least try to assist. If it’s something that a security guard cannot do, it’s better to apologize and point them to someone who can help them. Then they are still showing effort and concern and the client is feeling like their needs are being met.

For example, a better response would be “Here, let me get someone to help you with that.”

2. “I’m not telling you again.”

This saying displays an unwillingness to listen. It’s effectively shutting down the conversation with the other party. Be prepared for the other person to escalate the situation, because they feel like they’re not being heard.

3. “You wouldn’t get it anyways.”

This saying is often accompanied by an exacerbated sigh or rolling of the eyes. It’s very dismissive to the recipient. It also makes you look arrogant, which is not the persona a security guard or business wants to portray when developing relationships with people.

For example, if a business colleague is asking a guard why he’s walking around the building checking doors a better response would be, “I’m just doing my typical guard tour where I check the grounds for safety. Is there anything that I can help you with?”

4. “You need to be reasonable.”

This saying puts people on the defensive. It suggests to them that they’ve been unreasonable and that they need to change their behaviour. It’s a good way to escalate a conversation to an argument!

Champion National Shopping Mall Customers

5. “Calm down.”

Did you know one of the quickest ways to get people to NOT calm down is to tell them this? I kid, but it’s sort of true. When someone is upset and feeling like they have an issue, this phrase will make them feel like their not being understood and their feelings aren’t valid. It’s a quick way to get them defensive and more riled up.

For example, if a woman came to a security guard at a retail store upset because she didn’t get the refund she wanted, a better response would be to acknowledge her feelings and remind her of the best protocol she should take to file a complaint.

6. “That’s just how it is.”

This saying is a quick way to get a person defensive and make them feel like you aren’t listening to them. It also makes it look like the security guard either a) doesn’t care or b) doesn’t have any power to help. Even if those ARE the rules, there are better ways to communicate with a person to resolve a situation calmly and positively.

If a security guard is just following orders without really understanding why or listening to the clients, he’s less likely to make actual progress in finding out the root of the problem and resolving the situation.

Champion National Men Talking on a Bench 

7. “He’s a jerk.”

A good security guard (or any employee, really) should never be making disparaging remarks about other colleges or clients. It looks unprofessional. Even if it’s accurate, that means everyone knows it and it’s just rude to call it out. There will always be rude people you have to deal with at work (and unfortunately sometimes security guards deal with the worst of them!) but nothing is gained by broadcasting it to others. The better response would just be silence.


If you are concerned with your security guards or your own communication skills, don’t worry. Communication skills are not a talent people are born with - they are learned and cultivated. There are classes you could take, books you could read, or even online videos on communication you could watch in your free time. Like any skill, practice makes perfect!

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Gain Valuable Experience by Providing Security Services during the Holidays

Why provide security services during the holidays? Working in security is not always the most exciting job, but it is an important one. While it depends on where you work, the holidays are a common time for the security industry to become quite hectic. As an individual who wants to work in security or is working part-time, you should take advantage of providing security services during the holidays to gain highly valuable experience.

Longer Hours

With the holidays, you will have more opportunities for working longer hours. Although you may not want to work these types of hours on a consistent basis, learning how to handle these extensive work days can help you build the endurance you need to land exceptional security jobs in the future.


During the holidays, it is not uncommon for thousands of people to be shopping in one area. Since this often leads to multi-tasking by answering questions and guiding shoppers in the right direction, you still need to be focused on your primary responsibility, which is protecting the people. The holidays are an ideal time to get accustomed to multi-tasking because you have to in order to perform well at the job.


Along with longer hours and extensive multi-tasking, you will also be working in a more fast-paced environment compared to other parts of the year and most security jobs. It is important to know how to handle this kind of work environment as you do not want to become overly stressed in tense situations.

Although any job experience is useful, you should try to work in security during the holidays for a unique learning experience that will substantially improve your security guard skills.

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You Want A Secure Job? With Security Companies It is In Their Name

Security jobs are always available. It can even be a career, if you want it.

Security guard jobs will no longer exist when a gopher wins an Academy Award for Best Director. Security companies have positions constantly available because lawbreaking, and fear of it on all levels, is constant. If you're looking for job security, a security job is a safe bet.

Security jobs are everywhere!

Security companies install their staff in more varied locations than ever before. Banks and retail stores are the usual suspects. A few more positions that a security company must fill are:

Security jobs are more than desk jobs.

While a fair amount of stationary duty occurs, it's not just killing time. Requirements could include one or all of the following:

Bad economy or good, security companies are hiring.

Jumping from job to job ends when becoming a security guard. It's an occupation that's here for the duration, with the only jumping occurring when being reassigned to a new location. If you're looking for a stable career investigate security companies!

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Seasonal Job Opportunities in Security: Have You Considered It?

Around this time of year, the seasonal job opportunities in security start to show up. This means there will be numerous opportunities to earn a good paycheck plus more. With more people expected to be out looking for things for the upcoming holidays, many stores will need to increase their security.

This means they will need people like you to fill those openings. You may think that applying for seasonal security officer employment will result in you taking a step back, but this is not true. A seasonal security officer position can benefit you in various ways.

You Will Earn A Paycheck

This is an obvious benefit, right? You will earn money for working; it does not matter if it is a temporary, part-time, or full-time job as long as you are earning money for your work. If you know how to spend wisely and create a budget, you will be able to save money if you are unable to find another job after your seasonal security officer job is over.

New Skills To Place On Your Resume

If the seasonal job is the first job you have had in a while, the seasonal security officer job will be something to add to your resume. You could have already had a job where you have had to communicate with people, but after you have received training for your security job, you will have learned some new skills regarding communication.

Meeting New People

You will never know who you will see and speak with at a temporary job. Someone may like the work ou are doing, and they may have a permanent job opening or they may know someone who can help you. You should take this opportunity to make all the connections you can.

If you need a job for the upcoming season or if you are looking to make a complete career change, you should not look down on the idea of looking for temporary employment as a security officer.

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Why Security Employment Is Good Job Experience for Everyone

Whether you are fresh out of high school or just want to find a part-time job, you might think about canceling out security jobs because they do not mesh with the career you want to have in the future. However, security employment can prove to be extremely valuable for just about everyone.

Improve Communication

When you work as a security guard, you are required to communicate. In many cases, you will end up communicating with numerous individuals, other security personnel, and employees of various businesses. The most reliable and effective method to get better at communication is by practicing it on a regular basis, and this is exactly the kind of on-the-job training that you can get with a security guard job.

Learn Attentiveness

Paying attention on the job is not always that easy, especially after a long day of work or bout of silence. However, as a security guard, you must be on your toes at all times, which cannot be said for all jobs. Learning attentiveness will help you stay focused at other jobs, where you would have otherwise struggled.

Work All Hours

Although it is not always the case, many security guard jobs require you to work all sorts of hours. While the schedule may be quite hectic, you can get a great feel for working in the morning, at night, and in the day. After working in security, you will have a better idea of when you want to work to best fit your lifestyle.

Gain Overall Knowledge

As a security professional, you will naturally gain on-the-job knowledge. From working as a team to following specific instructions, this experience can prove to be incredibly valuable down the line with other jobs.

If you want to gain valuable knowledge while working, you should consider working as a security guard.

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