Why Do We Need Private Security Services?

Your home is your sanctuary and you should feel safe all the time. But, crime is also a reality and it can happen to everyone. Your home is your safe haven and it is your duty to protect it from intruders. This is why private security services are important.

Gated communities make a safe dwelling place. However, it needs extra security to ensure the safety of all homeowners. We need private security services to help protect our household, our loved ones,and our community.

Champion National Security makes sure that your community is safe and all homeowners feel secured and at home. Our security officers and personnel are trained to pay attention to every detail and be a part of the community.

Having private security guards in gated communities is a must to keep residents and properties secured in the area.

Benefits Of Having A Security Guard

Benefits of having a security guard

Security - It is important that you feel safe and secured in your home at all times. Safety gives you peace of mind and comfort.

When you feel safe, you are able to live fully and enjoy every time spent with your family.

There is no better feeling but knowing that your family is protected and secured in your home.

Proactive Protection - It's not that you are waiting for something bad to happen but it's better to be prepared than be caught off guard.

Hiring a security guard to protect your community is not just about preventing crime but it's also for the well-being of all the families in your community.

Having well-trained security personnel watch over your community is important as they are trained to protect and keep an eye on your property and belongings.

Proper Handling of Security Issues -  Champion National Security Guards are trained to handle crimes in a professional and efficient manner.

Security guards in gated communities are your first line of defense in case of invasion or crime.

Our security officers have the knowledge and skills on how to handle security threats on your premises.

Champion National Security provides qualified security guards to ensure safety in your business location.

24-Hour Surveillance - If you are residing in a high-risk area, hiring a security guard in your gated community is a great idea as they will survey your area round-the-clock.

They are trained to patrol your entire area efficiently and spot any suspicious activities or persons of interest.

Our security experts will also monitor the security cameras in the security office of your gated community.

Immediate Response - When you don't have security guards in your community and crime happens, you have to call for assistance from the police and sometimes, it can take a while.

Champion National Security offers more than security - thay are part of the community.

If a burglary happens and you still need to call assistance, it may take about 10 to 15 minutes for the local police to arrive. But, if you have security guards patrolling your area, the response time is faster and further damage can be prevented.

Extra Care - Our security guards go above and beyond their call of duty. Aside from keeping your entire community secured, they are also trained to provide basic customer service to all residents.

Here at Champion National Security, we believe that proper communication and high-quality security is the foundation of a safe and secured residential community.

We are a team of highly-skilled individuals who are qualified to provide extensive security in gated communities.

We pay great attention to access points, suspicious actions, and the needs of the community.

As a result, your overall cost is reduced and the quality of security in your community or property is improved.

Residential Security Services We Offer

Private security service plays an integral role in keeping your community and property secured and safe.

We want to eliminate all worries in your mind about your security so here are the residential facility services that we offer:

◾After-hours patrol

◾Parking Lot Security

◾Parking Services

◾Employee or Guest Escort Services

◾Access control or gatehouse services

◾Doorman services

◾Concierge services

◾CPR/AED Trained Officers

◾Information Service Centers

Qualities of A Top Security Officer

There are a lot of private security agencies that offer private security services for residential, building, retail and industrial businesses.

Here are the qualities of a good security officer that you should be looking for:

Training - Extensive training and discipline set apart a top security guard from the rest.

The skills and training of our security guards help them attain the skills and knowledge needed to perform their jobs in the best possible way.

Check for certificates and license to know the level of training of a security guard.

You can also hire private security services from security services such as Champion National Security.

We train our security personnel on how to respond to crime properly and how to address any criminal activity properly such as theft, vandalism or natural disaster.

They also undergo training on how to deter theft by checking the credentials of guests before granting them access to communities.

Experience - Part of the training of our security guards is to help residents feel comfortable and at home by becoming a part of the community.

We have been keeping families safe for over a decade now. Whether its a condominium, family residence or gated community, we can keep you safe and secure in your own home.

Trustworthy - Honesty and integrity are important in building and maintaining trust.

To ensure the credibility of our security personnel, we run a background check to ensure that they have no history of dishonesty or any previous criminal records.

Overall Characteristics - A top-rated security guard maintains good characteristics.

Vigilance is a must for every security personnel.

Our security guards know how to recognize when an action needs to be taken, identify a possible threat or disruption in security, and effectively gauging the situation, people and surroundings for better resolution.

Communication skills is important for all security personnel.

Security personnel must be calm yet assertive at all times especially when resolving situations that involve conflict.

On the other hand, showing respect to the people they are working with is also a crucial part of the job.

However, it is also important that security guards are shown resort by those people they are working for.

Communication Skills - Security guards must be able to communicate properly and comprehensively in all situations.

In case of a crime, security guards must be able to communicate with law enforcement if necessary.

Ability to Lead and Follow - A security guard must possess the ability to lead and follow at the same time.

There are situations when a security guard must be able to lead to ensure safety and security.

A security guard knows when to impose common sense and necessary practices to prevent any possible threat.

Following a strict code is important. Although in some instances, a course of action needs to change in order to keep the client safe or meet the necessary legal requirements.

Proper Physique - High levels of physical fitness is crucial to a security guard.

A security guard must be active during working hours. When securing gated communities, security personnel need to patrol the entire area.

There may also be instances when a security guard needs to outrun a criminal or respond to a crime immediately.

Private security service ensures that their security personnel possesses all the qualities needed for them to excel in their job.

At Champion National Security, we ensure that our security guards receive proper training so that each quality becomes a part of them naturally.

Related Questions

Do Security Guards Deter Crime?

Security guards have a keen eye to detail and observe suspicious actions and individuals.

This is part of their training. This is also why vigilance is an important characteristic every security guard must possess in order to deter crimes.

Also, the mere visibility of security guards already helps deter crimes. Criminals attack less-defended areas.

The more security they see, the more they will avoid the area.

Security guards patrol your entire area 24/7 to ensure safety and security.

What Is The Role Of Private Security Service?

A private security service provides security personnel to help keep you, your family, and properties safe.

A private security service recruits and trains individuals to become qualified security personnel capable of providing security and safety to people, organizations or businesses.

Here at Champion National Security, we provide top security guards that can help you in any situation. If you are in need of capable and trustworthy security guards, contact us at 972-235-8844.

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3 Proven Strategies to Prevent Property Crime

The best way to prevent crime is to be aware of the potential risks and being alert to situations that make you vulnerable. Property crime can be tragic, dangerous, and expensive.

According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, the 3 major components of property crime are categorized as burglary and larceny, arson, and motor vehicle theft, with larceny being the largest.

The FBI keeps crime statistics that are self reported by each state (see another blog post of ours where we go into the safest cities based on those reports) and shows us data from 2010 on their website. Their statistics show a property crime is committed every 3.5 seconds in the United States.

Not only is property crime risky due to the criminal activity, it is also costly. Replacing stolen goods or repairing damaged property can be costly.

So how do you protect your property from these incidents? We’ve complied the 3 major ways to protect your home and your neighborhood from thieves and criminals. Read on to start implementing a strategy for yourself!

Prevent Property Crime with Education

The first way to improve safety and security in your neighborhood is easy to implement. Educate yourself and your neighbors. Learning all about you, your neighbors, your area, and what to look out for. The more information you have, the more powerful you are.

First get to know your neighbors. When you know who belongs in your neighborhood, someone new will stick out quicker. For example, if people know you and your home, they’re going to know if someone unfamiliar is coming in and out when you’re not there. They can alert you and the authorities to the suspicious activity.

Another example is if someone’s child is causing destruction to property and you recognize the child - you’re going to be able to go to the parents to take care of the situation.

Secondly inform yourself about the crimes in the neighborhood. Read the local newspaper or check crime statistic websites. By doing this you are more aware of common risks to look out for around the neighborhood.

Talk to law enforcement as well. By developing a good relationship, you help make their life easier by keeping them informed of the incidents that occur in your neighborhood. In addition, they can help you and your neighbors with information and education regarding community crimes you might encounter. One thing to note: please don’t contact emergency lines unless there is an emergency. Those lines are to make sure that people get emergency services right away all over town. If you are using their time, someone else who really needs it might not get the assistance. Instead, walk into the local police station to ask for information. That way someone can help you without taking time away from the emergency services.

But isn’t it nosey to pay that much attention to my neighbors?

It’s true there’s a stereotype of a nosy old neighbor that’s a nuisance to everyone by always being involved of other people’s business - but note that this is just a stereotype.

The reality is most neighbors appreciate having an extra pair of eyes on their home when they’re not around. It keeps them safe and keeps their belongings safe. Don’t you like the idea of someone helping you when you’re not around?

How to Prevent Property Crime

Prevent Property Crime with Organization

Organizing the community helps keep everyone on the same page and provides some actionable items to assist with preventing crime.

Community organizations often go by many names. Often called “neighborhood watch”, “community watch”, or even “block party” - the intent is to develop relationships with neighbors and strengthen the communities. Especially for neighborhood watches, there are 3 major goals of community meetings. Watch for suspicious activity, marking property to indicate ownership, and conducting home security surveys.

In 1972 the National Sheriffs’ Association encouraged community service and involvement with its main purpose to train citizens to become the “eyes and ears of law enforcement,”. USAonWatch.org shows about 22,000 formal neighborhood watch groups have started in the last decade; more than twice as many informal groups are estimated to exist.

In a neighborhood watch, teams typically organize nightly patrols. These involve groups of individuals walking the area routinely to familiarize themselves with the environment and looking for unusual or suspicious activity. One thing to note: these are not vigilante groups. If you encounter a suspect, do not engage and try to fight the individual. Instead contact the police immediately. The intent of nightly patrols is to learn about crime prevention and their neighborhood.

Studies have shown having the presence of a neighborhood watch can deter most property crimes, by showing criminals that communities are aware and know how to spot suspicious activity quickly.

Don’t think that neighborhood watch parties are your only opportunity though.

Community block parties are effective as well. One they bring neighbors together and strengthen relationships which creates a tighter sense of community. And the presence of positive groups in the neighborhood often called “positive loitering” deters criminals.

Block parties also boost morale. It strengthens bonds to celebrate together and those tighter bonds will help allow each other to look out for one another and the group as a whole.

Neighborhood watches and block parties are not without disadvantages. Often times they can easily go astray with no guidance. And if alcohol is involved, there is always a risk in a large group of something happening. Remember to stay positive and stay smart!

Prevent Property Crime Advice

Prevent Property Crime with Improvements

Improving your neighborhood helps prevent crime by providing a safer place for everyone.

One obvious choice is to improve street lights. Dim lights make it easy for criminals to go unnoticed, so install more or brighter lights to deter criminals by making it too easy for them to be spotted or caught.

Another option is to incorporate CCTV. CCTV stands for Closed Circuit TV. It basically means you can capture video and display it on a small TV that only certain people can access. They work in two ways - having them visible deters criminals because they don’t want to be caught on camera. It also works by catching criminals after the fact and using video evidence to prosecute them.

A different way to improve the community is to keep property safe with changes to car traffic. Speeding cars can account for numerous accidents to both pedestrians and property. By installing roundabouts, medians, or curbs - traffic slows down and pays more attention to their surroundings.


These 3 methods are simple and can be incorporated into your neighborhood pretty quickly and easily. By educating, organizing, and improving the community - you could lower crime rates substantially.

Property crime happens every 3.5 seconds in the United States. Simply getting neighbors together, learning more about each other and the area, and helping out the community goes a long way to keeping your neighborhood safe.

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Live Here Not There: The Best and Worst Cities for Safety

Feeling safe and secure is an important aspect of life. The safety of your valuables and loved ones safe should never be taken for granted. People do their best to minimize the risk - they drive safe cars, they pay attention to the neighborhoods, and they decide the safest place to live.

However some cities in this nation are better suited than others for safety. They are known to be safer to walk alone in, or hanging out in the neighborhood. Their law enforcement does a good job at keeping criminals away and keeping you and your loved ones safe.

So where are they? Here are the safest large (population over 250,000) cities in the US, according to the FBI Uniform Crime Reports.

It’s important to note that the results can be open to interpretation. First, crime rates can be measured by city jurisdiction, or metropolitan area. Also some types of information are voluntarily submitted; in fact murder is the only statistic that all agencies are required to report. Additionally some agencies data may not be included if it is submitted past the deadline.

Still, given the information that was submitted, we can argue that these are the safest cities (population over 250,000) to live in.

House Safety

1. Virginia Beach, Virginia

Endless miles of sandy beaches, boardwalks, thousands of acres of parks, and amenities help make Virginia Beach such a great place to live. It has a nice estimated household income of around $62,000 and high property values. High education is also shown in the data with over 93% high school graduation rates.

2. Henderson, Nevada

Not too far away from Las Vegas - Henderson shows to be a great place to live in the statistics. Very low crime rate, job growth, and the dry desert climate cause people to flock there (population has grown 48% since 2000!).

3. Plano, Texas

Plano is the eastern half of the Dallas-Fort Worth “Metroplex” and boasts much better crime statistics than it’s neighbor. The unemployment rate is very low at 4.3% (compared to the US average 6.3%).

4. Chandler, Arizona

Arizona had quite a few cities that ranked ‘safe’ in the FBI list. Low numbers of violent crimes and property crimes per capita help rank Chandler as one of the safest cities to live. As a prominent suburb of Phoenix, the city boasts a strong economy and many recreational amenities, parks, and aquatic centers.

5. Chula Vista, California

Beautiful sunny skies and beaches are only part of the reason people long to live in the southern california city of Chula Vista. The violent crime rate in the city is well below average and the vehicular mortality rate is less than a third the national average! It also has one of the lowest drug uses of any country.

Wonder what the worst large cities in the US are on that list? The FBI Uniform Crime Reports has that too. If we look at the other end of the list we find cities with the highest violent crime rates per capita.

Safety in the City

1. Detroit, Michigan

Often the city most people think of when they think ‘unsafe’. It’s true that Detroit has more violent crimes than any other city and is often at the top of the list most years. Even though crime has dropped for the last three years, it still remains at the top. Why is that? Well it comes from a combination of factors. One being the typical income level for a family in Detroit is only $25,000 which is the second lowest in the country. Also as more crimes happen, more families leave - which results in more crime for less population which skyrockets the percentage.

2. Memphis, Tennessee

Memphis exhibited a very high violent crime rate for it’s population. In addition to the violent crime, it also had the highest incident of arson listed. Like most dangerous cities, it has a poverty rate of nearly 28%, which is among the highest in the nation. However it does have nearly 82% of adults that have high school degrees.

3. Oakland, California

Crime in Oakland began escalating in the 1960s. It’s reported that one of the challenges Oakland faces is an understaffed police force. And it’s not just violent crime. Property crime in Oakland is recorded as one robbery per 91 residents. And carjackings occur 2 to 3 times more often in Oakland than other cities of comparable size. Much like it’s other counterparts on this list - poverty and education play a factor. The estimated median household income in 2013 was $54,000. Data shows about 28% of students drop out of high school in Oakland every year.

4. St. Louis, Missouri

Luckily the crime rate is lowering in St. Louis. In 2010 the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department reported the lowest total reported crimes since 1967. The crime rate fell 9.2 % from 2009, but the Chief of Police stated that homicides and burglaries were still a problem in the city. The estimated household income for St. Louis is $34,000 and reports 82% high school graduates.

5. Milwaukee, Wisconsin

The largest city in Wisconsin and the fifth largest city in the midwest. The median household income for Milwaukee is only $32,000 and most of the economy relies on the manufacturing and stockyards. The city has been in the top 10 cities for crime for many years although it continues to try to improve crime rates.

Not everyone has the opportunity to just pick up and move. Jobs and careers often dictate where we take our families. However if you get a job opportunity in one of the listed cities, hopefully knowing a little bit more about the safety reputation can help sway your decision. The safety of your family and valuables should always be a high priority in your life.

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3 Things to Do After A Break In

The worst thing has happened. You came home after being out; maybe you were at dinner, maybe you were on a trip. However as soon as you get home immediately know you’ve been broken into. But there are 3 to do after a break in to make sure that everything gets handled okay.

You're in a very emotional place right now and feeling very vulnerable. You don’t know what to do or who to turn to. However as long as you can remeber these things as soon as you’ve been burglarized you will be ok. Acting quickly will be crucial to putting your life back together after such a frightening experience.

1. Call the authorities

Obviously the first thing you need to do is call the police to file a report. The incident needs to be on record for both legal and insurance reasons. However, do note that if you are not in the house when you discover the burglary, do not go inside to make the call. You don’t know if the thieves are still inside and it could be dangerous.

If you see anyone leave your residence, take note of all visual marks you can and tell the police. Any descriptive information such as sex, gender, age, race, clothing, scars, even the direction they left, will all help the police.

Once you’ve notified the police and are waiting for them to arrive, don’t touch anything as they might be valuable clues and evidence to help identify and catch the thiefs.

Once the police arrive make a list of everything that’s been taken with a thorough description and approximate value. If helpful you can draw visuals, show pictures or videos if you have any. This information will help both the investigators when looking for your stolen items and for your insurance company to help recover goods.

Home Security Strategy Solutions

2. Call your Insurance Company

Whether you own your home or rent, you should have insurance on the property. If so, notify them quickly of the incident as they might be able to assist you in lost property or damages. Most insurance companies want you to call and report the incident within 24 hours so don’t delay. They will most likely assign you to a claims adjuster to assess the situation, so be prepared to provide all the information they request and have a police report number handy as well if you have it.

It might be helpful to have a running list of all electronic information and product serial numbers to be able to provide in case of an emergency. You could take pictures of valuable items like jewelry or art and keep them on an SD card hidden somewhere in case they take your camera or computer.

3. Clean up all signs of the break in

Once the reports are filed and the police and insurance company are doing their job all you have left to do is pick up the pieces. Clean the floors, pick up anything that was broken, and determine which items are not salvageable. If you have broken doors or windows call a repairman to come fix them as quickly as you can. The sooner you can get your home back to normal the sooner you can move on from the experience. Besides the pain of losing valuables, it will take time to come to terms with the break in’s emotional damage. Burglaries can leave people feeling very violated and afraid of future robberies. Know that it may take you time to feel safe in your home again. But try to stay positive and know that you will move on from the event.

Broken Window Security Strategy

To help you feel safe and secure in your home again after a terrible incident like a break in, try to identify the security weak points in your home in order to strengthen them. Which items did they get? Can you store them in a better location? For example, avoid a traditional jewelry box which draws easy attention from a burglar and instead secure your jewelry in a more subtle location.

Did they get in your windows? Did they kick down your door? Identifying better, more secure options for your home will help you and your family feel safe. Home improvement stores will have a variety of DIY tools to install, or security alarm systems could be installed for added security if the thieves persist (or if the valuables are too great to risk).

The most important thing you can do after a break in is to stay calm and stay smart. By identifying a strategy now, you’ll be more organized and calm when the stress occurs. And most importantly know that you can recover from the incident!

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