Celebrating our Officers in Spring of 2019

Celebrating our exceptional security officers this Spring!

Join us as we take a moment to talk about some of the amazing Officers we employ and why we awarded them Officer of the Month during the Spring of 2019.

Samantha Henson, Dallas TX
"Officer Henson displays great leadership skills and work ethic. I'm so happy to have her as one of my employees!”
(Jasmin Wyatt, Operations)
Security Officer Henson
Security Officer Gallo
Anthony Gallo, Raleigh NC
“Officer Gallo has stepped up and really carried the North Carolina team in every way possible. He ensures all files are completed; he assists with orientations; interacts well with all employees; and is a great trainer for officers. I'm grateful to have him!”
(Joe Cagle, Operations)
Patrick Bagby, Tulsa OK
"Officer Bagby is always dressed & pressed, on time, and ready to work. He is dependable, trustworthy, and volunteers to cover vacant shifts. He exhibits the skills and attitude necessary to be an honored Officer of the Month!"
(Stephanie Albright, Operations)
Security Officer Bagby
Security Officer Lee
Kimberly Lee, Raleigh NC
"Officer Lee has gone above and beyond to cover shifts at last minute and has even traveled out of town to cover! She does an excellent job taking care of both the officers and the clients." (Dewey Howell, Operations)
Noreen Allen, Tulsa OK
"Officer Allen is consistently on time and ready for work. She is extremely reliable and hard working. She's never required reminders, coaching, or counseling either!"
(Stephanie Albright, Operations)
Terry Hubbard, Indianapolis
"Officer Hubbard has been an incredibly reliable officer and has received numerous compliments from our client. Terry exhibits the true meaning of being a Champion!"
(Garrett Cizek, Operations)
Roger Craig, Denver CO
"Officer Craig is an amazing employee and represents Champion proudly!"
(Whitney Small, Operations)

Heather McMillian, St. Louis
"Officer McMillian has done an incredible job managing our new account. Through snowstorms and call offs - she showed her true leadership abilities in a stressful time."
(Garrett Cizek, Operations)

Training Through Crossfire

Not every incident happens on your property, but your security may still have a critical role to play in order to keep everyone safe. It was a fairly busy Sunday morning in November for Officer Raven Brown. She began her shift at a grocery store in New Orleans, where most shoppers consisted of older patrons and folks that had just attended church. All seemed like an ordinary day and everyone was busily going about their business selecting food and groceries. Officer Brown moved casually from the back of the store to the front, conducting a regular rove, making her presence known and greeting shoppers as they entered. Store Manager Sholanda Reynolds was in the back also going about her normal routine. As customary, Officer Brown eventually positioned herself at the front of the store facing the registers while observing customers and employees with her back to parking lot.

As she stood watching the two cashiers assisting customers, loud gunfire unexpectedly interrupted the casual atmosphere. The exploding noises startled everyone including Officer Brown. Responding quickly, she immediately acted to protect the patrons and employees by directing everyone to get down — and stay there! As the gunfire continued, Officer Brown contacted law enforcement to report the situation. At the time of her call, it wasn't immediately apparent where exactly it had originated or if anyone in the store had been injured.

When the gunfire ended, Officer Brown was still securing the scene and keeping everyone calm and safe as they lay low on the ground. A few long minutes passed and then several patrol units arrived. By this time Officer Brown learned the gunfire had come from outside in the front parking lot. It was later discovered through witness accounts at least two men had been shooting at each other without regard to where stray bullets might land. Some shots had hit the windows of the store and at least one was revealed to have come through an open door in the front landing in the meat department near an elderly gentleman and his young daughter.

This incident was handled with the utmost professionalism and care by Officer Brown. Thanks to her bravery, training, and lightning fast response no one at the store sustained injuries. When asked to comment on the situation, she simply stated, “It was terrifying, but I had a job to do, which was to protect the employees and customers. I did what I had to do to keep everyone safe.” Since this incident Officer Brown hasn't missed a beat, she remains undeterred in her sense of duty to provide protection. Therefore, it is no surprise that she is nominated for Champion’s employee of the month.

Officer Raven Brown

Celebrating our Officers in June of 2018

Celebrating our exceptional officers of the month!

Join us as we take a moment to talk about some of the amazing Officers we employ and why we awarded them Officer of the Month this spring of 2018!

Officer Todd Mitchell, Chicago

"Officer Mitchell is a very good team player and he really helps with the tasks on site. He’s dedicated and faithful.”

(Divelle Yarbrough, Operations)

Officer Pietro Tambussi Jr, Philadelphia

"Officer Tambussi portrays a high level of integrity, dedication, professionalism and follow up. He is an exceptional representative of Champion. He always goes above and beyond to ensure all tasks are completed. I am proud to have him on the team!”

(Allen Daniel, Operations)

Officer Elmer Wilson, Raleigh

"This guy is an allstar! He works concierge and all the residents LOVE Mr. Lee! Officer Lee has helped out with in depth training for new hires, working and filling in for the client. He really understands how the client comes first he has great customer service skills!”

(Branch Manager)

Officer Jhavae Esqueda, Indianapolis

"Within the first two weeks of employment Officer Esqueda has successfully and correctly detected and documented internal employee theft risks, as well as preventing numerous custmor theft attempts. He works hard and always provides excellence on post.”

(Russell Richison)

Officer Ronald Mcrae, Arlington

"Officer Ronald McRae has been an outstanding officer for us and I know I can always count on his performance.”

(Hayley Medlen, Operations)

Celebrating our Officers in May 2018

Celebrating our exceptional officers of the month!

Join us as we take a moment to talk about some of the amazing Officers we employ and why we awarded them Officer of the Month this spring of 2018!

Officer Malik Sabour, Dallas

"Officer Sabour is a hard working employee who is always willing to cover extra shifts. He always displays a professional demeanor on all his posts. He’s a great asset to any post assignment!”

(Jason Jones, Operations)

Officer Share Maynie, Chicago

"Officer Maynie has really help raise the standards of security with and for Champion National Security. She has helped dramatically with slowing down thefts and management is very satisfied with the quality of security services that she is applying. She cares about her job and the well being of employees as well.”

(Divelle Yarbrough, Operations)

Officer Chris Forman, Orlando

"Chris Foreman is a very respectful, and just all around good employee. He will step up and help anyone of us out when called upon. Chris was hired on 11-29-16 and has shown much leadership during this time. We have promoted him to apostion at the Orlando City Hall and they are very pleased with him.”

(Sharon Black, Operations)

Officer Antwan Sprewer, Milwaukee

"Officer Sprewer is a new Officer and he has made a change in the positive way of raising the security services for our client and Champion National Security. He cares about is job and the safety for the clients as well as the paying customers. He is always looking to learn more and he does a great job.”

(Branch Manager)

Officer John Davis, Raleigh

"Since day one, Officer Davis has readily accepted all duties and responsibilities required of him. He took on the task of documenting all container trucks in stride. Due to Officer Davis' tenacious approach to being accurate and professionally thorough, all necessary information was available at a critical moment when it was required for the client's investigation. Officer Davis' dedication and excellent job performance reflect great credit upon himself and Champion National Security.”

(Joe Cagle, Branch Manager)

Officer James Wilson, Philadelphia

"Officer Wilson is known for continuously upholding the policies of Champion Security, communicating with myself and the client on a regular basis, giving up his free time to fill posts and going above and beyond the call of duty. He is a key asset to the integrity of our accounts.”

(Andrew Suthern, Operations)

Officer Mary Morton, Arlington

"Officer Morton has been exceptional on duty. I am so proud to have her on my team!”

(Haley Medlen, Operations)

Sergeant Billy Jones, Dallas

"During a recent period in which a post was understaffed due to a search for a replacement officer, Sergeant Billy Jones continued to provide around the clock security coverage without hesitation or complaint. Sergeant Jones is a great example of upholding the finest traditions of service and goiong above and beyond in duty and service.”

(Brent Newman, Operations)

Celebrating our Officers in April 2018

Celebrating our exceptional officers of the month!

Join us as we take a moment to talk about some of the amazing Officers we employ and why we awarded them Officer of the Month for April 2018


Hubert Majors, Baltimore

"Officer Majors arrives to work on time every day and has not missed a day of work. He has covered for guards who have called out on multiple shifts. Site managers have mentioned on more than one occasion that Officer Majors is doing a excellent job. I'm proud to have him on my staff.”

(Noah Coakley, Branch Manager)

Rachel McAllister, Tulsa

"Rachel is an excellent officer who is friendly with guests, excellent with the client and diligent in her job duties. She covers any shifts we ask and has an excellent relationship with all officers on her post.”

(Michael Lundsford, Branch Manager)


Vanessa Murray, Raleigh

“Vanessa has came in several times and helped me cover open shifts. On a regular basis she works extra shifts to make sure everything is covered. Mrs. Murray is always here and does her job very well. All staff like Vanessa and her work ethic.”

(Dewey Howell, Operations)

Petrice Fedelus, Orlando

“Officer Fedelus continues to show support for his fellow officers, fills in extra for open shifts, and shows much respect for our client. We only hear good things about this officer and how well he does his job.”

(Sharon Black, Operations)