Gain Security Job Experience to Open Up More Companies in the Future

While it is possible to be persistent and get lucky with landing an incredible job as a security guard, you will find that several years of job experience can go a long way with security companies. If you want to carry major job responsibilities or work for a certain company, you should understand that job experience is sometimes all that you need to become eligible for the position you ultimately desire.

Job Experience is Invaluable

If you have not worked in the security industry before, you might find that after working in the industry for some time, what you thought would be an ideal security job is actually not what you want anymore.

However, regardless of the job you want in the future, job experience is invaluable.

Training is Limited

Although you can become eligible for various jobs with extensive training and learn quite a lot, you must understand that training has its limitations. While it is beneficial to learn as much as you can from training, there is a point in which you will learn much more from actual job experience instead.

Learn the Ropes

Security companies that want to hire experienced security professionals are looking for people who know the ropes of the industry and general job responsibilities. It is their goal to not have to train their security guards the basics of the job, but for their new employees to understand these details already.

Take Notes

When you work in the security industry, do not hesitate to take notes. Whether you carry a small notebook and write down valuable lessons or keep mental notes, you should use the method that works for you.

Landing great security jobs might not happen in the beginning, but it is definitely a possibility when you invest enough time, effort, and dedication to being the best security guard.

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Security Guard Jobs Remain Positive And Prove That You Earned The Position

A security guard job can be very difficult, but it is an important job. If you are fortunate enough to be hired for a security guard, you should take plenty of pride in your job. You want to be the best security guard you can be so you can prove to the company that you were the best candidate and that they made a good decision when they hired you.

If you want to do well on your job, you should remember the following:

Your Work Guide/Manual

You will need to be prepared to read the company's manual thoroughly. You will want to know what policies and guidelines the company have so you will be able to follow them and so you will know what to inform people about the policies. You will need to take the job seriously. You should study the company's manual the same way you would if you knew you would be tested on it.

Work Out/Exercise

It is important to do what is necessary to stay in shape when you are working as a security guard. You do not want to have a lazy attitude simply because you have the job. You want to be great at the job, so you should remain in the best condition possible. You may also want to take self-defense courses when you are working out.

Try To Stay Positive

When you have any type of job, you should always try to have a good attitude. You should not feel the need to be negative or make others feel bad. If you show that you have a good attitude, you are showing the company that you are an important piece to the company.

When you are hired as a security guard, you should always remember that times will get tough, but it is up to you what happens when those times are hard on you. Are you going to remain positive and prove that you are the right person for the job?

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Three Critical Situations You Need to Master with Security Guard Jobs

The security industry is always in demand, which makes security-related jobs quite healthy. There are three critical situations you need to master with security guard jobs. If you want to be a part of this industry and either work in security temporarily or turn it into a career, you need to understand some of the major responsibilities that come with security guard jobs. While standard duties should be pretty self-explanatory, there are a few critical situations in which your expertise is absolutely essential.

Workplace Violence

Whether it is between two employees, an employee and a customer, or two customers, you need to make sure that workplace violence is brought to a halt as soon as it starts to happen. It is crucial to always be aware of your surroundings as it will help you respond quickly to workplace violence situations.

Employee Injury

If an employee gets injured, the other employees should not be responsible for helping them. It is your professional training and extensive knowledge that can get them the help that they need. As a security guard, you need to remain calm and collected, even when a severe injury happens, and this is because the injured employee and the other employees will be relying on you to take care of the emergency.

Fire Outbreak

Although most fires are preventable, some fires cannot be stopped. However, once the fire begins, you can take action to prevent it from spreading throughout the business. It is important to know exactly where all fire extinguishers are, how to use a fire extinguisher, and how to get customers and employees to safety.

While the likeliness of these situations happening on a routine basis is extremely minimal, you should still know how to handle each one to feel confident in your abilities as a security guard.

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3 Traits to Look for in Security Companies

As someone that is actively seeking employment in the security industry, it is always advantageous to get to know the different companies that you will be applying for. Not only does this help you in the interview process but it will also help you to weed out companies that don't fit your needs, or ultimately are not a good company to work for. Security services companies that provide an excellent service for their clients and for their employees alike. Companies that are a thrill to work for often exhibit a few traits that you should look for when evaluating a company.

Clear Expectations

Security services companies specialize in providing a streamlined service to their clients. They offer the best security services they can and work with many security professionals that have experience in the field. When a company makes their expectations very clear from the first interaction (usually the job posting) then you have a pretty good idea that they will continue to be straight forward with you in future placements.

Great Benefits

The pay for security jobs is well established, but the area where companies truly shine is through benefits. Great benefits can greatly increase the value of a job for potential employees. Jobs that offer excellent health, dental and vision plans are worth much more to you. We all have to go see the doctor from time to time, and not having to pay out of pocket can be a huge expense.

Positive Employment Experiences

It is always a good idea to review the experiences that previous customers have had with a company before beginning employment with them. There are a handful of websites that allow previous employees to leave reviews about the companies that they have worked for and give new hires an idea of what to expect before their first day of work.

Security jobs are often stable, fulfilling, and a great opportunity for those with previous security experience. Try to find a company that exhibits the traits outlined in this article for an excellent employment experience.

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Get Your Resume Out There For Security Guard Jobs

Are you ready to get your resume out there for security jobs? Although it is possible to apply for one or two security guard jobs and end up getting hired, looking for a job in this manner will only keep your chances of landing a job to a minimum. It is important to get your name, and more importantly, your resume out there to potential employers in high numbers. When this happens, you will be in a better position for landing security guard jobs.

Do Not Miss Out on Job Offerings

When it is in your hands to apply for each job that comes up, you may miss out on certain opportunities, especially when you are currently working, going to school, or have other time-consuming obligations. It is crucial to not miss out on the job offerings that could end up being an ideal fit for you.

Get Applications in Quickly

One of the issues with highly desirable jobs is that those who do not put an application in quickly, generally do not have much of a chance to land the job because other fitting individuals have already put in applications. Ideally, you want to be one of the first few to get an application in to show your dedication.

Apply for More Jobs

When you take the time to create a high-quality resume, you want to get it in the hands of potential employers. With job finding services, you can feel confident that your resume will get to more jobs than if you were to put in applications on your own. These additional opportunities are what you need to get hired quickly, as well as to end up with a job that meshes with your job-related wants and needs.

Accepting help for turning in applications will substantially improve your job-hunting experience.

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Security Guard Interview Questions: Will You Be Prepared?

Are you prepared for the security guard interview questions? Making a big decision to look for security guard employment is usually followed by plenty of research. Once you have your sights set on the security guard job you want to go after, you will have to create a new resume and start thinking about what you will do when you are called for the interview.

The Interview Process

Before you are hired as a security guard, you will have to go through a process of one or several interviews in order to determine if you are qualified. Unfortunately, this is the part where many potential candidates do not perform well. When you are called for an interview, it should be your main goal to do well in the interviews so you can improve your chances of getting the job.

We want to help you prepare your mind for the type of interview questions that you can be expected to hear.

The Questions to Expect

What Should You Ask?

After all of these questions have been answered, you should not hesitate to ask the person interviewing you a few questions. If you have done your research on the company, you will typically already have your questions ready.

We hope these questions can help you during your search for security guard employment.

Do You Have What It Takes To Become A Security Guard?

Do You Have What It Takes To Become A Security Guard? Security guards are officers who have been assigned to protect people and their property. This may include having to detect crimes such as fighting, stealing or burglary. A security guard does not have to detect other crimes such as a vehicle accident or a traffic violation. The main concern of a security guard is to ensure the people are protected and that their property is not damaged or destructed.

Not every security guard is properly trained enough to be hired for a security guard job. Are you able to do the following?


To become a security guard, you have to be able to protect the people and the property of the company you have been employed by. You have to know how to prevent incidents and other things; so you have to take action before something actually happens. If there are rarely in offenses at the workplace, you will know you are doing a good job as a security guard.

Notice, And Report

Since you have to prevent incidents from occurring, you will have to know how to report any offenses that you notice. If something does happen on the premises, you do not have to attack. This is what you should do:

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Get Your Name To Security Companies Hiring In Your Area!

Get Your Name To Security Companies Hiring In Your Area!

Working in the private security field isn't easy. While the industry is at some of its all-time highs, and is constantly looking for qualified professionals, that doesn't mean you can just walk in and expect to be hired on the spot. You still have to find out which companies are in your area, you have to fill out an application for a position, and then you have to go through the interview process.

So why make all of that any harder on yourself than it has to be?

Security Job Finder Will Hook You Up With Local Security Companies

Security Job Finder is a service that lets you use the power of the Internet to apply to more jobs more quickly. Rather than filling out applications for every, individual company you simply log on and give us all of your details. Once you have your information on file you simply tell us what area you're looking for find a position in, and we'll start looking on your behalf. We'll then contact security companies who are hiring and put them in touch with you.

So you do the work to fill out one form, and we deliver that information to everyone who's looking for private security personnel in your area. There's no driving around to locate home offices or searching endlessly through web pages or digging through classifieds; you put together your information, and we'll act as your go-between with companies near you. Quick, easy, and it will let you get the maximum results with the least amount of sweat.

Find Security Guard Jobs With Knowledge and Information

What to find security guard jobs that fit your career goals? Security guards are consistently in demand for one-time events, short-term contracts, and long-term jobs, making it a reliable industry to delve time and effort in as you have a few work paths to choose from.

In order to land security guard jobs that fit exactly what you want and need, you should focus on increasing your knowledge and experience with security-related jobs whenever possible. After some time, you will have a wider selection of jobs to choose from as your experience will make you a priority over others.

Get In the System

To get your name out there to land new and promising jobs, you need to get into the system. For instance, some companies work to provide security guards to those in need of security personnel. It is these companies that will help you find work, even when you are busy working already.

Continue to Gain Experience

As you gain more experience and in different security-related scenarios, your value to a security team will continue to grow, and this will give you an enormous say in where you want to go and work.

Pick Jobs that Fit Your Wants and Needs

It is important to understand that working tough jobs with long hours and in non-ideal locations is worthwhile because it will provide you with what you need to stand out from other security guards.

Thinking about the long-term is crucial as it is what will ensure you have a bright future in the security industry, regardless of what direction you choose to take for a career.

If you have any intention of moving from your current residence, you will find that getting in a security job system that makes it easy to apply to jobs in other cities is a great opportunity to live and work elsewhere.

Security Employment To Continue To Rise Past 2016

A lot of things happened as a result of the terrorist attacks on 9/11, but one of the biggest changes in the economy was a boom inĀ security employment. Security companies hired a great number of guards through 2002, and except for a small lag in 2003 hiring has been on a steady uptick according to this source. In fact according to the Department of Labor it seems that security jobs will rise an estimated 17 percent by the year 2016. That means more companies, more guards, and more private security all throughout the United States. This includes everything from retail security to government contractors, and everything in between.

Getting Into The Game

With all of these increases in the private security sector it would stand to reason that getting a new job in the field would be easy. Even though the field is growing though that doesn't mean it isn't competitive. Individuals who want to get jobs, whether as security guards, alarm installers, shift managers, or guard trainers, need to have an edge over their competition. Education and certifications are good, and experience in the industry is even better, but many times it's how you go about getting a job that lands you a position just as surely as how qualified you are.

That's where Security Job Finder comes in.

What Does Security Job Finder Do?

Security Job Finder is a service that lets you apply to multiple jobs with the single click of a mouse. You upload your resume, cover letter, and all other necessities, and then we help you connect with the employers who need people just like you. So rather than combing through help wanted ads, filling out dozens of individual applications, and checking back with potential employers for weeks all you have to do is submit a single application to Security Job Finder. The rest of the leg work, from connecting you with employers who are actively looking for what you have to offer to checking for updates is all taken care of by us.

You can get results putting in individual applications on your own, but you can get more results if you use us to magnify your efforts. Don't get left out of a growing market because you didn't use the right tool for the right job!