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Where To Take A Security Guard Test?

Licensing? Training? Where do I start? Are you asking yourself where to take a security guard test? Are you looking for a career as a Security Officer? We get a lot of questions from our brand new Security Officers – and one of the most common ones is “where do I take the test?” Most […]

4 Security Items You Shouldn’t Waste Your Money On

With so many infomercials and facebook articles online telling you the latest and greatest gadgets, it can be hard to know which ones to invest in and which ones to pass on. Everything promises to be the best and most important item you could own when it comes to your personal safety. But as always, […]

3 Tips for When You’ve locked your keys in your car

Chances are you’ve done it at least once. You’ve locked your keys inside your car! But what can you do? First don’t panic – there are plenty of ways to get back into your car and you’re going to be okay. We know it’s a very frustrating experience and can leave you feeling very helpless. […]

7 Sayings a Security Guard Shouldn’t Use

One of the biggest roles of a successful security guard is how well they communicate. Think about it – from talking with clients/guests, authority figures, writing reports, or addressing a hostile person – how well a security guard communicates will determine how people view him as successful, and in turn how they will view the […]

Why Security Employment Is Good Job Experience for Everyone

Whether you are fresh out of high school or just want to find a part-time job, you might think about canceling out security jobs because they do not mesh with the career you want to have in the future. However, security employment can prove to be extremely valuable for just about everyone. Improve Communication When […]

Companies Look at Communication Skills for Security Guards

We are social beings who need to interact with others in order to make it in this world. This means that communication is one of the essential things we need in order to maintain survival in this world. In every place and every job, communication is very important in order to remain productive and efficient, […]

How to Excel in Interviews for Security Guard Jobs

Want to know how to excel in interviews for security guard jobs? Before you become a security guard, you need to go through one or more interviews to land a job. However, this is where many individuals fail to impress potential employers. It should be your highest priority to excel during interviews to maximize your […]

Gain Security Job Experience to Open Up More Companies in the Future

While it is possible to be persistent and get lucky with landing an incredible job as a security guard, you will find that several years of job experience can go a long way with security companies. If you want to carry major job responsibilities or work for a certain company, you should understand that job […]

Three Critical Situations You Need to Master with Security Guard Jobs

The security industry is always in demand, which makes security-related jobs quite healthy. There are three critical situations you need to master with security guard jobs. If you want to be a part of this industry and either work in security temporarily or turn it into a career, you need to understand some of the […]