May 1, 2017

Where To Take A Security Guard Test?

Licensing? Training? Where do I start?

Are you asking yourself where to take a security guard test? Are you looking for a career as a Security Officer? We get a lot of questions from our brand new Security Officers - and one of the most common ones is "where do I take the test?"

Most every state requires you to be licensed if you work as a security officer. Applicants to our company often ask us where can they take the test to become a security officer. The answer to that question is different for every state that we serve, so today we’re going to answer some general questions that will make it easier for you, our prospective officers, to find the licensing information that you’re searching for.

Every state has a governing authority for licensing security officers, in some states it gets a little more complicated than that as you also need to be certified to work in a specific county or city. Right now, we’ll keep it simple.

The best way to find out the licensing requirements for your state is to do a search for “Security Officer License your state”. For example, a google search for “Security Officer License Virginia” brings up links to the Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services website. From there you can find links to the specific type of license that wish to obtain. We’ll use an Armed Security Officer as an example.

Study to Take a Security Guard Test

By clicking on the Armed Security Officer link, you will get information about the general requirements as well as the training requirements that you need before you can be licensed. Some state websites will also link to the various schools offering the training courses that you need.

All states that require licensing will have information on their Private Security websites that will direct you to the additional documentation they require, for example, in Texas all applicants for a security license must have their fingerprints taken. Louisiana requires their officer applicants to obtain their fingerprints and background check in order to apply for their license with the state.

All states will have comprehensive information on their websites about the steps that you need to take in order ensure that you are in compliance with the state and local laws governing private security. Some companies will tell you that you don’t need to be in compliance, but non-compliance can result in fines and possibly criminal charges. The key to your success is to make sure that you thoroughly read and understand the requirements for your state.

Once you have obtained your security license, in most cases, it will need to be renewed at regular intervals.

Where to take a Security Guard Test

At Champion National Security we pride ourselves on selecting the best security professionals that this industry has to offer. With that in mind, there are other certifications that you can obtain as a security officer that will add important skills to your resume. Consider becoming certified in CPR and first Aid, Oxygen Administration, and how to use an Automatic External Defibrillator (AED). These skills will serve you well in general, but they are especially attractive to Security Companies like ours.

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