November 10, 2020

Three skills veterans bring to their civilian job

The security industry is a natural fit for veterans and at Champion we take this to heart. According to LinkedIn, 50 percent of our employees with LinkedIn profiles are veterans and that 50 percent represent a variety of jobs. That’s because military service develops skill sets that can be applied to a range of careers when it comes time to transition to civilian life. In the security industry, we value not only the technical skills you learned, but the soft skills that make you an asset whether you step into a role as a security guard or go into sales like me. 

Below are some of the skills every veteran carries with them after serving.

Tactical Mindset

From the very get go, the military shapes you to become a tactical performer of tasks. You’re trained to have an attention to detail and thoroughness with anything that’s put in front of you. You become adept at blocking out distractions and focusing on the here and now and what needs to be done. From making your bed first thing in the morning to checking off all the boxes on a list of tasks, you’re able to take things step by step in order to achieve success. As a security officer, each post includes an important to-do that protects the client’s safety and assets. Thinking tactically is a skill that will help you in any work environment, but it’s especially valuable in security work. 


In the military, there is the popular saying “hurry up and wait.” Typically it means a scenario where you rush to complete something just to have to wait for an unknown amount of time for what’s supposed to come next. In the military it’s used a lot because often an order comes down from your chain of command that they want you to hurry to carry out, but you also have to be ready for the order to change at any time. When you’re in active service, the environment is dynamic, so orders and plans can shift or be put on pause indefinitely. This teaches you to be patient, tolerant and open to changes in how you need to carry out your duties. This flexibility could be the greatest soft skill you have. 


Unlike in civilian society, in the military you put all your faith in the person next to you, regardless of gender, race or identity. Trust had to be established proactively and up front because you relied on each other for your lives. With that trust in place, you learned how powerful a unit can be when it’s working together. That experience means teamwork comes naturally to you and you’re bound to be successful in your working relationships.


I’ve been able to use these strengths on a daily basis in my career in sales. Because of my years in the military, I wake up in the morning, plan my day and start to check things off. I focus on my daily goals and, sometimes on tough days, minute by minute goals. The tactical mindset and flexibility I learned help me to be successful. 


As a sales person, you can face a lot of adversity and rejection. It’s a very challenging environment, but I think it’s a natural transition for a veteran. When you encounter rejection, you have a Plan B and C built and ready to go. You can handle that turbulence with ease thanks to the resilience you built in the military. 


The main thing I want veterans to know is that we understand the skills you came out of service with and we value them. Our company is filled with people who share your experiences and mindset. You have a home here at Champion and we’re looking for you. If you’re a veteran interested in working with us, you can see our job openings and fill out an application here, and message me on Facebook or LinkedIn

Bobby E. Davis
VP of Business Development


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