July 26, 2019

The Importance of Accountability in the Security Business


Security is an essential part of not just commercial businesses, but also non-profit organizations, schools, and government agencies. As mass-shootings and other acts of terror become increasingly prevalent in public spaces, security guards provide the first line of defense. They also play an integral role in deterring theft, vandalism, and other property crimes.


Clients have dozens of security company options to choose from, but the companies that set themselves apart are those that embrace the importance of accountability and transparency. How does this affect security companies, the people they work with, and the clients they serve?

Builds Client Trust

When security companies are more open about the work they do, clients may grow to trust them more. This includes providing information on how security collects and uses data, as well as what procedures guards may take in the event of an emergency. Keeping them abreast of all incidents by completing reports and providing daily logs also helps foster a relationship built on trust.


Better Workforce Management

How do both the client and absent managers, know security officers are keeping up with important tasks? These may include video-monitoring and patrols. Some companies use barcode scans at checkpoints, GPS trackers, and daily logs to hold guards accountable and improve post mastery. Accountability helps to maintain strong performance standards, thus ensuring a company delivers on its commitments to the client.


Attracts More Clients

When clients are satisfied with the work security companies do, the end result is referrals to other business owners, property managers, and security directors. This helps to provide new clientele, without spending extra on marketing. Similarly, if businesses fail to meet client needs, this news tends to get around as well, making it difficult for them to attract new clients over time.


Do you want to hire a security company that is committed to transparency, client satisfaction, and post mastery? Contact Champion National Security by calling 972-430-2042 or sending us an email today for more information.

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