October 20, 2020

The top three qualities we look for in a security officer

At Champion we understand what it takes to provide a high level of security service to a client. We take pride in building a security team that’s based not only on the quality of officers that we recruit, but that we build up. The top qualities we look for in an officer are ones that are necessary for any type of security job, but they’re also ones that we know people can learn and grow with proper management and training.


Security can be a very functional job. It can be a matter of ticking off 10 boxes. But it can also be a job with a lot of nuance to it, especially when it comes to customer service. The qualities below are ones that allow an officer to adapt and succeed in any role.


1. The ability to meet client needs and expectations

Each security job comes with its own specific set of needs from report writing to customer service to attention to detail. A residential security position will have very different demands than a more logistical one at a distribution center. When partnering with a new client we need to be able to serve them and match them with the right candidate. A security officer must be able to learn and meet those particular expectations.


2. Honesty

Our primary function is to observe and report. That reporting can help clients mitigate claims if there are incidents. In those situations, officers need to provide accurate documentation and not embellish. Also, things happen in security all the time. We won’t always get it right. One of our mottos is “We own it, we fix it.” When things go wrong, we have to own it so that we can solve it and provide our client with the best course of action and that requires honesty.


3. Commitment

An officer needs to be committed to their job and take pride in their work. They need to understand that their work is their signature. It represents both them and Champion. Being on time, following through on the details of the job like writing reports and ensuring places are locked and secured -- whatever the demands of the job are -- are ways that commitment plays out.


At Champion we make sure our officers have these qualities both through the interview process and through training. Since a candidate interviews for a position at a particular site, we go through situations that happen in that industry and talk about what steps they would take. We try to ascertain from their experience and background what accounts would be the right fit for them. 


In training, we make sure to cover things that are vital to their success at the site where they’re assigned. Our training is customized, not cookie cutter. If they’re assigned to a distribution center, attention to detail is most important. They’ll be checking trucks in and out, monitoring temperature and providing regular surveillance. At a Class A building downtown, customer service becomes premium. They’ll be the first person tenants are seeing and will need to be able to greet and assist guests as well as perform the functional components of the job like ID checks and monitoring people. 


On the job training is huge for us. Every site develops its own culture and an officer becomes a part of that. They become plugged into a team that works to meet and exceed expectations. That network helps an officer to understand that they can’t fall off and have to learn the job. 


What sets Champion apart from other security companies is our employee engagement doesn’t stop once the officers are in the field. We keep the bar raised. We provide officers with training, support, the push to succeed and the attention needed to be successful. We’ve had officers tell us, “I was with XYZ company and they didn’t see me.” Our managers work hard to make sure they’re part of the team. They’re not just a random officer. They know they’re a part of a company that values them. 


We are working really hard as a company to lean into our core values. They’re important and they're helping to guide our decisions. It’s not just the leadership team, it’s the brand that is Champion. It’s our officers. We work hard to lean into the qualities that we know produce high performing officers.


If you have the qualities we’re looking for and want to be a part of a team that values your commitment, click here to check out our career opportunities and fill out an application. 


David L. Robinson
Southeast Regional Director


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