November 17, 2020

Three reasons I am thankful for my Champion team

I’m always proud of my team at Champion. While 2020 has been full of surprises, the exceptional work of my team has not been one of them. Here are three things I’ve seen from my people this year that I’m especially thankful for.




This has been a year with radical uncertainty. It has been unpredictable and our clients’ needs have shifted tremendously. A lot has been asked of our people, and that’s on top of us all worrying about our own health and well being, but I’ve seen our staff continue to persevere in the face of all of that.


A great example of that is at the beginning of the year, before COVID reached the U.S., we had a national client who wanted to expand their coverage to new locations. At the time we knew it was going to be a big undertaking, and a lot more business than we were used to taking on all at once, so we came up with a plan to build up that business in a slow and steady way. A month later, the pandemic hit and because the client was a food supply chain company they now needed even more coverage than they initially expected. They were a major essential business during a national crisis. So, we got to work. We went from slow to all hands on deck. Everyone at every level was hustling to get this company the coverage they needed from hiring people to driving to the new sites to implementing new health and safety protocols. It all came together and much faster than we thought was possible. 


That company is now one of our top clients and that’s thanks to the perseverance and grit of my team.

Commitment to Core Values


Our company has four core values -- “People Matter Much, Empowering Growth, Service Obsessed and Do the Right Thing” -- and all of them have come into play in this chaotic year. I could give examples of each of these, but “People Matter Much” is the most important because if we don’t put people first, nothing that comes after that matters. Our team has been phenomenal on this. 


Whether it’s working from home, coming up with ways to provide PPE when it was hard to find, or going out of their way to make sure our sites have the supplies they need like water, cleaning products and toilet paper, our team is constantly giving and making sure people are taken care of. 


Throughout this year, our people have been “Doing the Right Thing” and showing integrity.


Brené Brown defines integrity like this: “Integrity is choosing courage over comfort. You choose what is right over what is fun, fast, or easy. And you choose to practice your values rather than simply professing them.” That is how my team has approached this challenging year with our core values at the center of everything they do.


They Show Up


I’ve been extra thankful to see the previous two things in this list from my team during COVID, but this item is something I’m thankful for all of the time. My team shows up. We continually sign on new clients who tell us they’re amazed that director-level people show up to their site multiple times per year to check on them. Showing up is one of our differentials in this industry.


Just last week we received an email from a bank client in Denver where we’re covering new locations:


”We have seen more of Champion these past two weeks than we have seen from [our previous national security provider] in the past 2 years!” - Credit Union Branch Manager  [Block Quote] 


In normal circumstances and in a pandemic, my people are there making sure our clients’ needs are met.

Adapting to Changes During COVID


This year has had a lot of challenges and changes amid COVID, but my team -- both office staff and our officers -- have impressed me with their flexibility and contributions. 


While some companies struggled with transitioning to work from home, we had already embraced it before the pandemic on a smaller scale. When we switched to full-scale remote work, our office staff not only maintained productivity while working from home, they actually increased productivity. There was also a significant increase in communication. When you’re in an office all day long, you take for granted the ability to collaborate with your co-workers, but we leveraged technology with video and text chats to keep that collaboration alive.


Effective security guarding is about perfecting repeatable tasks. Having a systematic approach to observing and reporting is important, but this year our officers have had new responsibilities and processes added to their tasks. They are now front line workers in charge of things like temperature checks at many sites and masks have become part of their uniform. They’ve taken on this new normal without complaint. 

The Year Ahead

Next year will bring more uncertainty. We don’t know what’s going to happen to the economy or with COVID. We don’t know what our clients who have suspended or increased coverage are going to do. We’re expanding to additional states and people will shift to different roles. What I do know is that courage will be necessary to face the year ahead.


Yet, when I think about the courage needed for going into a year of uncertainty and then look back at these reasons I’m thankful for this team, it gives me amazing confidence. When I know that they’re going to continue to show up for our clients and for each other, how can I not be confident?


I’m not exaggerating by saying that my team is different. The things I’m grateful for and the things that give me confidence really set us apart in my eyes. If you’re reading this and you’re wishing these were the characteristics you’d seen in your security team this year, give me a call or fill out this form for a free quote. 


Jason P. Carroll


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