September 30, 2020

Three signs of a poor security partner and how they put your organization at risk

The consequences of working with a poor security partner are easy to observe. They can include an increase in theft and accidents, employees and customers feeling less safe, and greater legal liability, but identifying a poor security provider is not always easy at first glance. Here are three warning signs that your current or prospective security partner could put your organization at risk.


1. They have high turnover

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A poor security partner is one that can’t control employee turnover. When there is a revolving door of security officers being used at your organization, you’re exposed to risk in a number of ways.

A steady stream of new faces at your office or facility means a larger number of people being trained in your vulnerabilities in order to protect them. More people learning those details means greater risk of theft for your organization when those people have moved on to another job.

Earlier this year, Champion National Security took on a new client that had just this scenario play out for them. The client hired us to watch a distribution center that became the target of a theft ring organized by former employees of their previous security provider. The former guards had set up a system to steal merchandise using the knowledge they’d gained from working there. Under our watch, we exposed millions of dollars of theft by this ring and helped the company to lock down their vulnerabilities to prevent theft in the future. 

To keep turnover low at Champion, we create a culture blueprint that puts our core values first and foremost so that people know they’re valued, recognized and respected. We offer fringe benefits that are unique in the industry like those through our Champion Advantage program that provides financial aid, emergency assistance and certain types of health benefits. We do our best to create a more engaged employee to make it less likely that they’ll leave.


2. Their prices are too low

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A poor security partner doesn’t know how to price the job. It’s always nice to save money, but when a security provider lowballs the price, they’re either losing money or underpaying their employees. Paying workers a low wage produces a less reliable workforce -- one that is under trained, more likely to not show up for their shift and less invested in the work they’re doing. An undermotivated workforce creates security risks.

At Champion, we regularly take over contracts where the client is paying us 10 to 15 percent more than their previous security partner because we hear what problems they are facing and we come back with solutions that we know we can implement at the right price. We have lost bids on price before -- not because of margins, but because of what we knew the pay rate had to be -- and had those same prospective clients come back to us down the line and ask if they pay us more will that result in better service. The answer is yes.

We’re able to be confident in our prices because we’re a large company with a national footprint and we have the resources to produce market research for all of our locations. So, when we bid on a new contract we don’t just guess, we know the rate that will get us good people and provide our clients with the best service. Bottom line:  better pay equals better service.

3. They put profit over people

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A poor security partner doesn’t place an importance on social responsibility. The backbone of the security industry is blue-collar hourly workers. This workforce contains demographics who have been oppressed and lived in inequitable situations. Companies who don’t feel an obligation to better the lives of the workers that make up their organization, and instead see the labor pool as a churn and burn business, are missing an opportunity to make a massive impact in their local communities and beyond.

As I see it, in a world of divisiveness, polarization and inequity, to partner with a security organization that doesn’t see the value in social responsibility is to perpetuate a broken system that negatively impacts the marginalized people of our country. That to me is a risk. 

At Champion, we put people over profits. It’s baked into our core values, in our leadership culture and how we do business. We’re always asking, “how do we care for our front line?” We make it clear that we value them, we promote from within and we create pathways for career growth that take them as far as they’re willing to go.

The term security guard is often used as a punchline -- there are movies that revolve around that premise -- but we fill our guards in on the best kept secret, which is that what they do matters. There is purpose, meaning and dignity in what they do. They keep people safe.

As you can see, these three points have a common theme. You can assess the strength of a security provider by looking at how they retain, compensate and elevate the officers they employ. 

Champion National Security’s most paramount core value is that people matter much. By continuing to define that and letting it permeate throughout our company and the nation, it’s going to result in us being a great security partner. By truly living out that value, we can cultivate a better-trained, better-engaged and longer-tenured workforce, and we get to know that we’re doing the right thing. 

If you feel like you’ve been stuck with a poor security partner, fill out this form to request a free quote.

Written by Jason P. Carroll
September 30, 2020 
Jason P. Carroll


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