March 15, 2020

What is Hotel Security and Why Should You Invest in It?

Running a hotel involves a lot of tasks and numerous details. Sometimes, in the flurry of activity, hotel security tends to be overlooked. As a hotel manager, you might be wondering just how complex hotel security is and if it is necessary to invest in security services for your hotel.

Hotel security refers to the overall security of your building, in-house guests, visitors, day users, and employees of your hotel. Ensuring your hotel’s security is very important. It can make or break your hotel's reputation. Investing in hotel security services can also protect you from the costs, damages, and inconveniences that may result from theft and criminal activity, either from individuals posing as patrons or disgruntled employees.

This article shares the different aspects of hotel security and why it is important to hire a professional security firm with top-of-the-line personnel and decades of experience in keeping hotels safe.  

Why is hotel security important?

Sometimes, forces of nature such as hurricane or tsunami can pose a threat to hotel security. An example would be the ravages of Hurricane Irma in St. Barths.

However, there are also cases when terrorists take advantage of the fact that VIP's stay in hotels. The attacks at the Taj Mahal Hotel in Bombay in 2008, or more recently the shootings in Las Vegas are grim reminders.

Criminals will always come up with new ways to scam and rob people in a hotel through  cyber-attacks, luggage theft, and break-ins, so you need to make sure your hotel is protected against them all the time.

Here are 7 reasons why you need to hire a professional security firm that is experienced in hotel security:

·         To monitor entrances

With a steady stream of unidentified people coming in and out of your hotel, you can’t afford to leave your entrances unmonitored. It is important that you have security officers stationed at your entrances to keep an eye on your hotel’s lobby and look for suspicious behavior.

·         To prevent crime especially during off hours

Sometimes, the mere presence of security officers patrolling your hotel is enough to deter crime. Potential thieves are likely to fear getting caught when they spot security officers around. Even if a crime occurs, you can trust that security officers are trained enough to deal with such issues and stop criminals in the act.

·         To alleviate disorderly conduct

Hotel security isn’t just for preventing large-scale crimes. It is also important to address issues with unruly guests or visitors. It is normal to encounter guests getting into a spat after too many drinks, but such events can turn into much bigger problems if not properly addressed.

The job of security officers is to de-escalate such situations by ensuring that unruly guests don’t cause any commotion in your hotel.

·          To prevent property damage

Having security officers is a great way to prevent property damage in your hotel. When security officers patrol your hotel at all times, it will be easy for them to stop any attempt to damage your property and reprimand guests who trash your hotel rooms.

·         To protect your guests and employees

With proper hotel security, you can be sure that your hotel is equipped with professional guards who can handle any type of security breach. As a hotel owner, it is your duty to make sure that your guests and employees are always safe and well taken care of.

·         To provide a sense of security

When your guests notice that highly-trained security officers are all around your hotel, they will feel a certain level of security. Their presence alone is already enough to make both your guests and employees feel more at ease, knowing that there are people who can handle tough situations quickly and appropriately. 

Overall, this helps enhance the experience of your guests, making them want to come back to your hotel.

·         To provide additional customer service

Guards deployed by professional hotel security firms do not only provide security benefits to hotels but additional customer service as well. Since they are uniformed, guests feel comfortable coming up to them when they have questions. 

Generally, these security officers are a reliable presence in your hotel that guests can trust to provide clear instructions and information when they need them.

·         To provide appropriate emergency response

When you have security officers in your hotel, you can trust that they can react quickly and appropriately when emergencies occur. They can stop the culprit and protect patrons in the case of a shooting incident. Also, they can provide instructions to the guests and employees in the building, in case of fire, so they can get out quickly and safely. 

There are also security firms that provide emergency response training to employees so they know how to act appropriately and without panic during such situations. Champ is one of those security firms.

What are today’s hotel security solutions?

To ensure that your hotel provides a secure environment for your guests and employees, you need to partner with an experienced physical security provider that keeps security on top of mind all the time. 

Consider the following solutions as you look to improve your hotel’s safety:

·         Train your front desk staff and valets to embody a customer first, customer service model

When it comes to hotel security, you can’t underestimate the value of maintaining security-minded customer service. Yes, it is crucial to maintain friendly and responsive interactions with customers, but it is just as important to be vigilant in following security protocols.

·         Review your hotel’s key card access

Nowadays, it is so easy for criminals to gain undetectable access to millions of key card-protected hotel rooms. That’s why you need to ensure that yo

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