November 6, 2019

Why Do Companies Hire Security Guards?

Many companies hire security guards and there is a good reason for it. Security guards do not only protect your business from criminals, but they also protect your clients. 

In case a crime happens, the first to respond is the security guards and they know what to do as they are trained for it.

Companies hire security guards because a lot of crimes can happen in small or big businesses. Theft, burglaries and other crimes can happen anytime. To keep their properties, valuables, and workforce secured and safe, companies hire security guards.

Big businesses like Google, for example, employ security guards to ensure that no criminals enter their secured premises as they happen to store important personal information of millions of people all over the globe. 

Banks, retail stores and supermarkets hire security guards from private security services such as Champion National Security to ensure that their money is safe and all the people that enter their premises are safe and secured. 

Also, the mere presence of security guards will have any criminal think twice about doing any criminal activity so they also act as a deterrent to crime. 

Why Do You Need To Hire A Security Guard For Your Business?

Champion National Security guards are trained to become qualified security guards to secure your business, employees, and clients.

There are a lot of reasons why you need to hire a security guard for your business. Security guards help maintain security, prevent crime, and assist customers and employees.

Before you decide to hire a security guard for your company, consider these benefits: 

Peace of mind - when you hire security guards for your company, you have this sense of security. You know that your business, employees, and customers are in good hands.

Not only do you have a sense of security as the owner, your customers and employees also feel safer and protected because they know someone is there to guard them. 

This is especially true when your business is located in a high-risk area. It shows your customers and employees your concern about their safety and you want to make sure that they are safe when they are in your area. 

Crime prevention - When criminals see security guards, they will think twice about doing any criminal activity. The mere appearance of security guards is a great way to deter crimes. 

Also, security guards are trained to check on every detail and spot any suspicious activity. They know what to do in case of a security breach and they know how to evaluate the situation efficiently. 

Immediate and proper handling of crime - Security guards undergo training on how to handle crimes properly and respond on time. 

It is your choice on what level of authority you give your security guards. You can choose from armed and unarmed security personnel. 

When hiring a security guard, consider hiring from a reputable private security service.

They train their security guards accordingly so they are capable to handle any criminal activity in your place of business. 

Security services usually have procedures in place for their security guards in case a crime happens.

Real-time monitoring - Security cameras can capture the moments of crime. However, they are limited and are usually used as evidence after the crime has been committed. 

On the other hand, security guards monitor your place of business at the present time. They can patrol your entire business area and monitor your surveillance footage at the current time of recording. 

Security Guard Tasks

Security personnel from security services train to focus on specific goals such as: 

◾Check for credentials of people entering a restricted or confidential area in your business.

◾Check for contrabands within your business premises.

◾Monitor suspicious activities that can lead to potential crimes such as theft or burglary.

◾Monitor and secure your entire business area after office hours.

◾Opening and closing of your business every workday.

These monitoring jobs take away your burden and give you peace of mind and more time to focus on other aspects of your business. 

Standard Operating Procedures For Company Security Guards

Security guards follow standard operating procedures to help maintain an effective work environment. When you hire security guards, they will follow your company rules and manual and apply it to their daily work. 

The standard operating procedures vary from company to company depending on what work the guard is doing. If the security guard you hire works in a uniform, then, the guard must maintain himself in a visible manner at all times. 

Types of Security Guards

Champion National Security provides various types of security guards specific to your business needs.

The role of a security guard changes depending on what type of security guard you choose to hire: 

Uniformed security guard - a uniformed security guard is responsible for securing the property and people in the area he is overseeing.

They must at all times keep themselves visible in a visible manner to deter possible crimes. 

You can often see uniformed security guards in malls, supermarkets, convenience stores, banks, and other similar businesses. 

Private security guards - popular, rich, and influential people usually hire a private security guard for security and safety.

Some use uniforms while others use civilian clothing to go blend in and stay hidden. 

Unarmed security guard - unarmed security guards are uniformed personnel whose primary task is to provide an onsite presence at your business or property.

They patrol your business area, monitor your detection systems and respond to threats immediately.

Armed security guards - businesses located in high-risk areas and VIPs such as politicians, celebrities, and businessmen usually hire armed security guards.

These security guards undergo strict physical defense training in case an unwanted incident happens and physical force is needed.

Since they carry lethal weapons, they also undergo additional training and certification. 

This is why armed security guards are the top choice for VIPs and businesses with confidential information.

Their mere presence will already give the offenders something to think about and these guards can also do the tasks of unarmed security guards. 

Corporate security guard - most businesses in the corporate setting prefer to hire corporate security guards. 

These guards undergo training to perform regular security guard tasks and training for the corporate setting. They are highly-skilled and knows how to handle front-of-the-house issues and deal with customers and employees. 

Warehouse security guards - industrial businesses that need access control usually hire warehouse security guards.

These guards undergo training on how to protect what is inside the warehouse and how to efficiently monitor the entire area.

They also know how to properly respond to alerts and detect suspicious activities in a person or through your monitoring system. 

The job of a security guard is very important as it involves the safety of properties and people. They must stay vigilant and alert at all times, making their job difficult and extra-ordinary. 

Related Questions

Are security guards effective?

It is important to hire security guards to ensure the safety of your property, valuables, and business. Most businesses hire security guards because they provide physical security and their presence alone deters crime. 

This is why more and more establishments and businesses hire security guards. Having a security guard in your business location makes the people feel safe and secured.  

Which businesses need security guards?

Nowadays, all kinds of businesses usually hire security guards. Most businesses that require having security guards are banks, financial institutions, shopping centers, malls, corporate businesses, schools, and hospitals. 

These institutions and businesses hire security guards because of the high risk of possible criminal activities that may happen. There are a lot of people that enter and exit these locations so it is important to monitor who comes and goes and monitor any suspicious activities. 

How Do Companies Find Security Guards For Hire?

Companies hire security guards through private security services like the Champion National Security. Security guards from security agencies undergo training and certification to qualify them for the job. They offer different security positions that will suffice the security needs. 

Other companies prefer to hire security guards directly. However, more resources are needed when you choose to hire security guards directly. You need to provide for their own training, uniform, and equipment. 

But, when you hire from a security agency, all these are the responsibility of the agency so you don't have to bother and you can focus on the other aspects of your business. 

Need security guards for your business? Call us, Champion National Security, at 972-754-0080 or 469-766-1041. We have been in this industry for more than a decade and we have helped a lot of businesses, residences, and individuals with their security needs.

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