December 2, 2019

Why Do Hospitals Need Security Guards?

Hospital security guards are an important part of the medical staff. People come and go in the hospital.

With such a number of people, it is no question that hospitals are vulnerable to threats, violence, and crime.

Hospitals need security guards to ensure the safety of the employees, health workers, patients, and all the people inside the premises.

Violence, threat, or disturbance in a hospital can have a huge effect on the well-being of the sick patients.

Having trained security guards on-site is important. They know how to identify possible threats and suspicious behavior so they can deter security threats before they even happen.

Role Of Hospital Security Guards

Champion National Security provides qualified security guards to ensure the safety of the medical staff, patients, visitors and medical equipment inside the hospital.

Hospital security guards undergo training to look out for potential threats, suspicious behavior or packages, thieves, and other potential security threats.

1. Patrol the area and identify any potential security threats or incidents.

Hospitals are open round-the-clock. All types of people come and go to hospitals.

As a result, violence happens in the hospital premises due to gang-related issues, domestic violence, people under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or mentally unstable patients who become violent.

Obviously, hospital security guards undergo training for such instances so they know what to do when it happens.

They know how to identify potential threats or incidents by looking for warning signs. They can spot suspicious behaviors or packages, identify thieves and vandals, and notice potential hazards in the building.

2. Handle unruly behavior

Champion National Security guards know how to handle crimes efficiently when they happen.

Sometimes, the emotions and frustrations of the patients and their families can turn to an ugly scenario.

Some people can get angry and due to the outbursts of emotions, they can hurt themselves or others around them.

Security guards know how to handle people who are angry by trying to calm them down. If that doesn't work, they can secure the angry person into a safe place or escort the person out of the building.

Without security guards, this responsibility will fall under the care of the doctors and medical staff. Given that, instead of them focusing on their jobs, they will be distracted and get out of focus when issues like this arise.

3. Monitor and control entry and exit points

Having a security guard at the entrance and exit points of the hospital is very important. Security guards know how to detect suspicious behaviors that regular citizens often ignore.

All things considered, they can take proper measures such as talking to the person of interest, following the person and making sure the person in charge of the surveillance system monitors the said person.

Moreover, when a certain person is not allowed to enter the premises due to bad behavior in the past, a security guard will make sure that the person is not able to go inside.

Generally speaking, security guards are better at handling these types of conversation than an average individual due to their training.

4. Ensure restricted hospital areas are properly guarded

There are some areas in the hospital where access is restricted to certain hospital employees only and patients or visitors are not allowed.

Security guards ensure that unauthorized people are not able to enter such areas.

5. Prevent damage to property

In a hospital setting, patients experience a range of emotions which can lead to aggression.

If a patient starts acting wild or a fight breaks out, damage to hospital property is anticipated.

Obviously, hospital machines cost a fortune so it's important to protect them.

Security guards know how to calm down unruly patients and they know how to deal with such instances.

6. Control theft and other criminal activities

In the event that a crime happens in the vicinity of the hospital, security guards know how to secure the area and keep the patients and employees safe.

It is saddening that some people are able to take away infants from hospitals. Due to the number of people that come in and out of the hospital, it is hard to monitor the traffic and CCTVs only work as monitoring and historical tool.

Employing a security guard is important to help deter such instances. The person monitoring the CCTVs can radio the patrolling guards in case of suspicious behavior so the guard can keep an eye on the person of interest.

The security guard on-site also has the capability to detect suspicious individuals and packages and knows how to handle such situations.

Moreover, the appearance of security guards in the area offers an extra layer of protection for the people in it. Having said that, criminals will have second thoughts when they see patrolling guards in the area.

Skills Hospital Security Guards Should Have

Champion National Security guards offer trained and skilled security personnel for all your security needs.

A security guard must possess the following skills in order to keep the entire premise safe and secure:

Keen observational skills - a qualified hospital security guard must stay calm and visible while observing for anything unusual or out of the ordinary.

Customer service- security guards in hospitals learn how to communicate with people as part of their training.

Security guards are usually the first you encounter when entering a hospital so it is important that they are courteous and knows where to direct people accordingly.

Monitoring - a hospital security officer monitors the entire premise, including everything that is in it.

It is the duty of hospital security personnel to ensure that all medical equipment, employees and visitors are safe. It is also their duty to ensure that restricted areas are for authorized personnel only.

Furthermore, the security officer on duty is responsible for ensuring that all security procedures are in place.

Qualifications Of Hospital Security Guards

When looking for a hospital security guard, the following qualifications are important:

High school diploma - a qualified hospital security guard must be able to read, write, and follow the instructions.

Therefore, a high school diploma is required.

Security officer training - it is best to hire security guards from a reputable security service company such as the Champion National Security.

The security guards from security services undergo training to ensure that they are able to carry out the job and do their tasks as expected.

Basic training for security guards aims to enhance their understanding and handling of things that are related to their job such as:

◾legal responsibilities

◾weapon safety

◾observational skills

It is important for security guards to undergo training to ensure that they are able to perform their tasks and duties well.

Additional requirements include:

◾valid driver's license

◾clean driving record

◾background check

Security agencies ensure that their security guards meet all requirements to become fully qualified with the job.

Instead of having to train your own security guards, a security agency can provide you with a security guard that can fulfill your security needs.

Related Questions

Are hospital security guards armed?

Through the years, the number of armed security guards in hospitals is steadily increasing.

Due to the violent crimes that happened in the past, hospitals need security guards to protect their corridors.

According to a report published by The New York Times, 52% of medical centers reported that their security guards carried handguns while 47% were equipped with tasers.

This is why it is very important for hospital security guards to undergo proper training.

Training for hospital security guards include skills on how to use and handle guns properly.

It is the job of security guards to keep everyone in the hospital safe and secured.

They are expected to be professionals and in their best state at all times.

Do security guards have any authority?

Security guards have the authority to make a citizen's arrest when needed.

They can also act as an agent of law enforcement at the request of a sheriff or a police officer.

As part of their role in protecting their client, security guards can also perform arrest and control which includes restraint and handcuffing.

Champion National Security offers a personalized security experience that directs on identifying and resolving security issues even before they become an issue. Call 972-754-0080 and let's discuss your security needs.

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