November 4, 2019

Why Do We Need Private Security Services?

Your home is your sanctuary and you should feel safe all the time. But, crime is also a reality and it can happen to everyone. Your home is your safe haven and it is your duty to protect it from intruders. This is why private security services are important.

Gated communities make a safe dwelling place. However, it needs extra security to ensure the safety of all homeowners. We need private security services to help protect our household, our loved ones,and our community.

Champion National Security makes sure that your community is safe and all homeowners feel secured and at home. Our security officers and personnel are trained to pay attention to every detail and be a part of the community.

Having private security guards in gated communities is a must to keep residents and properties secured in the area.

Benefits Of Having A Security Guard

Benefits of having a security guard

Security - It is important that you feel safe and secured in your home at all times. Safety gives you peace of mind and comfort.

When you feel safe, you are able to live fully and enjoy every time spent with your family.

There is no better feeling but knowing that your family is protected and secured in your home.

Proactive Protection - It's not that you are waiting for something bad to happen but it's better to be prepared than be caught off guard.

Hiring a security guard to protect your community is not just about preventing crime but it's also for the well-being of all the families in your community.

Having well-trained security personnel watch over your community is important as they are trained to protect and keep an eye on your property and belongings.

Proper Handling of Security Issues -  Champion National Security Guards are trained to handle crimes in a professional and efficient manner.

Security guards in gated communities are your first line of defense in case of invasion or crime.

Our security officers have the knowledge and skills on how to handle security threats on your premises.

Champion National Security provides qualified security guards to ensure safety in your business location.

24-Hour Surveillance - If you are residing in a high-risk area, hiring a security guard in your gated community is a great idea as they will survey your area round-the-clock.

They are trained to patrol your entire area efficiently and spot any suspicious activities or persons of interest.

Our security experts will also monitor the security cameras in the security office of your gated community.

Immediate Response - When you don't have security guards in your community and crime happens, you have to call for assistance from the police and sometimes, it can take a while.

Champion National Security offers more than security - thay are part of the community.

If a burglary happens and you still need to call assistance, it may take about 10 to 15 minutes for the local police to arrive. But, if you have security guards patrolling your area, the response time is faster and further damage can be prevented.

Extra Care - Our security guards go above and beyond their call of duty. Aside from keeping your entire community secured, they are also trained to provide basic customer service to all residents.

Here at Champion National Security, we believe that proper communication and high-quality security is the foundation of a safe and secured residential community.

We are a team of highly-skilled individuals who are qualified to provide extensive security in gated communities.

We pay great attention to access points, suspicious actions, and the needs of the community.

As a result, your overall cost is reduced and the quality of security in your community or property is improved.

Residential Security Services We Offer

Private security service plays an integral role in keeping your community and property secured and safe.

We want to eliminate all worries in your mind about your security so here are the residential facility services that we offer:

◾After-hours patrol

◾Parking Lot Security

◾Parking Services

◾Employee or Guest Escort Services

◾Access control or gatehouse services

◾Doorman services

◾Concierge services

◾CPR/AED Trained Officers

◾Information Service Centers

Qualities of A Top Security Officer

There are a lot of private security agencies that offer private security services for residential, building, retail and industrial businesses.

Here are the qualities of a good security officer that you should be looking for:

Training - Extensive training and discipline set apart a top security guard from the rest.

The skills and training of our security guards help them attain the skills and knowledge needed to perform their jobs in the best possible way.

Check for certificates and license to know the level of training of a security guard.

You can also hire private security services from security services such as Champion National Security.

We train our security personnel on how to respond to crime properly and how to address any criminal activity properly such as theft, vandalism or natural disaster.

They also undergo training on how to deter theft by checking the credentials of guests before granting them access to communities.

Experience - Part of the training of our security guards is to help residents feel comfortable and at home by becoming a part of the community.

We have been keeping families safe for over a decade now. Whether its a condominium, family residence or gated community, we can keep you safe and secure in your own home.

Trustworthy - Honesty and integrity are important in building and maintaining trust.

To ensure the credibility of our security personnel, we run a background check to ensure that they have no history of dishonesty or any previous criminal records.

Overall Characteristics - A top-rated security guard maintains good characteristics.

Vigilance is a must for every security personnel.

Our security guards know how to recognize when an action needs to be taken, identify a possible threat or disruption in security, and effectively gauging the situation, people and surroundings for better resolution.

Communication skills is important for all security personnel.

Security personnel must be calm yet assertive at all times especially when resolving situations that involve conflict.

On the other hand, showing respect to the people they are working with is also a crucial part of the job.

However, it is also important that security guards are shown resort by those people they are working for.

Communication Skills - Security guards must be able to communicate properly and comprehensively in all situations.

In case of a crime, security guards must be able to communicate with law enforcement if necessary.

Ability to Lead and Follow - A security guard must possess the ability to lead and follow at the same time.

There are situations when a security guard must be able to lead to ensure safety and security.

A security guard knows when to impose common sense and necessary practices to prevent any possible threat.

Following a strict code is important. Although in some instances, a course of action needs to change in order to keep the client safe or meet the necessary legal requirements.

Proper Physique - High levels of physical fitness is crucial to a security guard.

A security guard must be active during working hours. When securing gated communities, security personnel need to patrol the entire area.

There may also be instances when a security guard needs to outrun a criminal or respond to a crime immediately.

Private security service ensures that their security personnel possesses all the qualities needed for them to excel in their job.

At Champion National Security, we ensure that our security guards receive proper training so that each quality becomes a part of them naturally.

Related Questions

Do Security Guards Deter Crime?

Security guards have a keen eye to detail and observe suspicious actions and individuals.

This is part of their training. This is also why vigilance is an important characteristic every security guard must possess in order to deter crimes.

Also, the mere visibility of security guards already helps deter crimes. Criminals attack less-defended areas.

The more security they see, the more they will avoid the area.

Security guards patrol your entire area 24/7 to ensure safety and security.

What Is The Role Of Private Security Service?

A private security service provides security personnel to help keep you, your family, and properties safe.

A private security service recruits and trains individuals to become qualified security personnel capable of providing security and safety to people, organizations or businesses.

Here at Champion National Security, we provide top security guards that can help you in any situation. If you are in need of capable and trustworthy security guards, contact us at 972-235-8844.

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