April 16, 2020

Why is security important in your work environment?

The safety and security of your employees, clients, and valuables are particularly important.

Businesses are often the target of criminals and the incidence of crime in the workplace causes great loss to business owners.

This is why security is important in your work environment. Security guards at work are essential if you want to gain the trust of your clients and employees.

Having security guards at work ensures that your clients, employees, assets, confidential files, and everyone inside your place of business is safe and secure.


Having security guards in your place of business act as a barrier against theft, sabotage, unlawful entry, and other criminal activities.


It is important that your employees and clients feel safe and secure when they are inside your business area.

Your employees are your assets and when they feel secure and safe, they work better, absenteeism is less, and productivity level is higher.

Ensuring the safety of your employees by providing them the protection they deserve will not only help you gain their respect.

It will also make them feel important and cared for.


Security guards ensure that only authorized people are able to gain access to your place of business.

They also ensure that highly confidential areas are fully secure and only authorized personnel are given access.

Corporate security guards ensure that only employees with proper IDs are able to enter the premise and visitors undergo proper security checks before they are able to enter.

By ensuring proper access control, you are able to prevent security issues that can cause significant distractions among your staff.

When your employees are able to work without distractions, productivity is higher. Working in a safe place also helps boost their morale.


Security guards are trained to monitor all areas efficiently and check for any suspicious activities.

Not only do you have to secure your clients and your employees; you also need to secure your assets and valuables.

Company security guards protect your valuables by regularly monitoring your area of business and making sure all security protocols are in place.

Having a properly coordinated security system helps prevent your business from potential liability insurance claims.


A security guard helps maintain a secure and safe environment for your employees, clients, and your assets.

A security guard helps maintain a secure and safe environment for your employees, clients, and your assets by regularly and diligently monitoring the entire premise of your business and your personnel.


Security guards secure your business premises and employees by patrolling the entire area and monitoring your surveillance systems.

A security officer inspects the entire business area, checks on your surveillance equipment, guard access points and permit entry to authorized personnel after undergoing proper security checks.


If an emergency arises, security guards are also first responders. At Champion National Security, all security guards undergo CPR/AED training to ensure that they know what to do in case of emergency.

They also know the proper institute to call and when to call when an emergency arises.


Since security guards patrol and monitor your business premises, they also prevent loss and damages.

Corporate security officers are able to report irregularities. They also restrain trespassers and inform violators of the security policies and procedures in your business.


It is important that your clients and employees feel that you value them. One way of showing your appreciation is by providing them services that impact them positively.

Security guards help control traffic by directing the drivers to where they need to go. As a result, people entering and exiting your business location encounters a better experience.

This experience sticks with them and will affect the way they see your business.


Security officers complete their report by documenting their observations, occurrences, information gathered, and surveillance activities.

When an incident happens, the security guards in charge also interviews the witnesses and they obtain signatures when necessary.


One of the main tasks of security guards is to maintain a peaceful environment in your business area by monitoring and setting up security protocols and building and equipment controls.


When your business location is secure, you gain the trust and respect of the people around you including your clients and employees.

Company guards also make sure that all legal requirements are met to maintain your business stability and reputation.


As part of their monitoring tasks, security guards also ensure that your business equipment is working for continuous operation.

They also perform preventive maintenance requirements, troubleshoot malfunctions as per manufacturer’s instructions, call for repairs, and evaluate equipment and techniques.

Security guards are part of your business team. They ensure that employees are able to do their jobs by providing them a safe and peaceful environment.


To ensure that all grounds are covered, security officers usually have a checklist that includes everything that is related to the security system of your office.

The duty of security guards in the workplace is not easy. They have to consider all aspects of security and safety.

To cover all areas, security officers usually have a checklist that includes everything that is in relation to the security system of your office.

▪️ First and foremost, there should be documentation of the security protocols in your office.

This is important as it serves as a guide for the implementation of such security protocols in your workplace.

▪️ Security guards must know the rules and regulations of your company regarding privacy and monitoring.

All entry and exit points in your workplace must be under surveillance 24/7.

▪️ Security guards must know if there are any areas in your workplace that are restricted and for authorized personnel only.

This is important as restricted areas require continuous supervision and patrolling.

▪️ In line with restricted areas, security guards must know the level of access of each employee.

Therefore, you should inform them of any necessary information regarding your employee’s IDs pertaining to the level of their access with regards to information and physical parts of the premises.

▪️ It is also the duty of the security guards at work to ensure that all lighting systems are working especially in potentially risky areas such as the parking lot.

You should also inform them about the location of every alarm system in your office space.

It is their duty to ensure that these alarm systems are working and report any damage, loss or need for repair or replacement.

▪️ It is also important for security guards at work to ensure that all exit and entry points are free from any obstruction and that people are able to come and go safely.

They also make sure that all entrance and exit in the building are locked down properly when everyone has left the premises.

▪️ If there are any hazardous chemicals kept in your workplace, you must inform your security personnel.

They must ensure that these chemicals are properly secured to prevent possible accidents.

▪️ Since the security guards are the first to respond when an incident happens, it is important that they know where the fire extinguishers are in case of fire.

There should be a sufficient number of extinguisher per area and they must be tested regularly for functionality.

Security guards should also know the evacuation plan in case of emergency as it is their duty to direct the crowd in case something happens.



Workplace security involves surveillance systems, security protocols, and company security guards.

To maintain a safe and secure workplace, everyone must be involved. Employees must also undergo basic security training at work and follow the company’s security guidelines.


Security measures are the precautionary measures in place in case of any untoward damage or danger to your properties, employees or people inside your business premises.

These precautionary measures include the installation of surveillance systems and the presence of security guards on the premises.

The presence of security guards in your business area helps deter crimes as criminals stay away from them.

They undergo security guard training and they know what to do in case of criminal incidents in the workplace.

At Champion National Security, we offer custom-tailored solutions according to your security needs. Our security guards undergo continuous training to achieve the highest level of excellence.

For all your security needs, call 972-754-0080 or 469-766-1041. We have been providing security to companies all over the nation decades now.

Call Champion National Security now and experience quality service that sets us apart from the rest.

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